Notes from the Electronic Cottage 2/7/19

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Facial Recognition Update 2019

“Imagine a government tracking everywhere you walked over the past month without your permission or knowledge. Imagine a database of everyone who attended a political rally that constitutes the very essence of free speech…” Words of some tin-hat wearing technophobe? Nope, the words of Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, talking about the potential of uncontrolled use of facial recognition technology, a technology whose uses he and many others feel requires government oversight. Here’s why.

Quiet Fire 2/6/19

Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

Rain, Snow, Sorrow

Power for the People 2/5/19

Producer/Host: Steve Kahl
Engineer: Amy Browne

Legislation proposing a consumer-owned utility in Maine

Key Discussion Points
a) proposed new utility
b) problems with CMP billing
c) proposed New England Clean Energy Connect

Guest: Kristy Pottle, founder of

Esoterica 2/5/19

Willard Water
CJ Kenna | Producer + Writer/Performer

Outside the Box 2/5/19

Producer/Host: Larry Dansinger


A Word in Edgewise 2/4/19

Producer/Host: R.W. Estela

Aquarius 2019 . . .

Pet Sounds 2/3/19

Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

History of Vet Techs

The Nature of Phenology 2/2/19

Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn


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There is one animal above all that strikes the most fear and worry into the hearts of farmers and gardeners. They thieve from our carefully tended vegetable gardens, whistle in alarm at the mere sight of us, bolt like a sack of muffins to the safety of their dens, and even allude our most devious schemes for their removal. And yet, on the second of February each year, we bow to the mystical powers of the “Seer of Seers”, the fluffy and foreboding, the earthy oracle, the paunchy plunderer: the groundhog.