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Indigenous Voices 12/16/08

Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: The Newly Elected Penobscot Tribal Representative to the (Maine) State Legislature

What is a Tribal Representative to the Legislature?  What is the status of the severing of ties?  What are the newly-elected Representatives’ plans for the coming two years?  How has institutional racism impacted the tribes in Maine?

Guest: Wayne T. Mitchell,  Penobscot Tribal Representative to the Maine State Legislature

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Indigenous Voices 10/21/08

Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: The Historical and Current Relationship of the Wabanaki and French People

Who is the Baron of Castine? What kind of relationship did the Penobscot have with the French? Who is Charles Norman Shay?


French Consulate General Francois Gauthier; James Eric Francis, Penobscot Nation Tribal Historian; Charles Norman Shay, Penobscot Tribal Elder and Veteran; Todd Nelson, Principal, Adams School in Castine

Indigenous Voices 8/19/08

Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

Topic: The 2-year term of Penobscot Nation Tribal Chief Kirk Francis

What is the history of the relationship with the state of Maine? What led to the severing of ties with the state? What were Chief Francis’ goals during his 2 year term and what are his plans for the future?

Guest: Honorable Kirk Francis, Tribal Chief of the Penobscot Nation

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Indigenous Voices 7/15/08

Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

Topic: “In The Shadow of the Eagle- A Tribal Representative in Maine” (2008, Tilbury House)– a discussion with the author, Donna Loring, Penobscot Representative to the Maine State Legislature.

What is the election process of the Penobscot Tribe?  What legislative bills did you work on?  With regard to the “Offensive Names Bill”,  what difficulties did you face in the state, with the media and public?

Donna Loring also has a blog called “Native Voice” which can be found on the Bangor Daily News website,

Indigenous Voices 3/18/08

Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

Topic: Discussion of a recently published book: Wabanaki Homeland and the New State of Maine The 1820 Journal and Plans Survey of Joseph Treat, Edited & Introduction by Micah Pawling.  Who were Joseph Treat and John Neptune?  Does the survey include glimpses of Penobscot life and culture in 1820?  Why is the publication of Joseph Treat’s journal so important?

Guests: Micah Pawling, PhD candidate in History at the University of Maine;  Bonnie Newsom, Penobscot Nation Tribal Member and the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

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Indigenous Voices 12/18/07

Producers/hosts: Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco

Guest: Representative Donna Loring

Topics: Multiple topics, including: History of tribal representation in Maine legislature; LD281 “An Act to Require Teaching Maine Native American History and Culture in Maine Schools” and how it is being implemented;  How the Maine Indian Claims  Settlement Act was used to diminish tribal sovereignty in the case of the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes attempt to protect river quality from paper company pollution

Indigenous Voices 10/16/07

Producers/hosts: Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco
Segment 1: Passamaquoddy members sue the BIA for lack of procedure before they approved the lease with LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) developers
Segment 2: The proposed tribal racino in Washington County

Guests: Vera Francis, Passamaquoddy tribal member; Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy Representative to the Maine Legislature

How should the BIA have observed the National Environmental Policy Act? The National Historic Preservation Act? The Endangered Species Act?  How would the racino benefit the tribe?

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