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Healthy Options 2/7/18

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Production Assistance: Petra Hall
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Maine Family Planning

-Reproductive health
-Family planning
-Women’s health access

Julie A. Jenkins, CNP, Maine Family Planning
Cait Vaughan, Community Organizer, Maine Family Planning


Healthy Options 12/6/17

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Production Assistance: Petra Hall
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Radon and other Indoor Air Quality Dangers

Guest: Kurt Johnson, past president and current board member of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council, and a Certified Residential Mechanical Ventilation Designer and Installer

Key Discussion Points:
a) What is radon, how is it dangerous to us, and how does it cause lung cancer?
b) What have we learned about exposure to radon- small or large- over the years?
c) Should we be unconcerned if we don’t spend time in our basements? If my neighbors’ house has a very low radon count, wouldn’t mine be the same? What are other myths about radon?
d) How can we get our homes tested for radon?
e) What are some ways we might correct a radon problem? What is mitigation?
f) Should only people in Maine be concerned about radon? Are there some areas of Maine and the USA that are worse than others?
g) What are some other important and dangerous indoor air issues we should watch out for, and take actions to prevent or correct?

Related websites of interest: (click on “IAQ Info” for specifics on radon and other issues)

Dispels the inaccuracies and myths:

Northeast Laboratory Services in Maine, for indoor air quality and more:
Northeast Laboratory radon overview & testing:

Also of interest, although from the UK(!)::

Healthy Options 11/1/17

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Production Assistance: Petra Hall
Engineer: Amy Browne

Healing ourselves through nature: The Nature Fix- Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

Key Discussion Points:
Why do you say that “being in nature makes us more human”?
What have we discovered about being in nature that helps the immune system?
How does noise pollution affect our health and well-being?
How are we harmed by the unnatural toxins which we may encounter in daily life?
How can being in nature help with managing PTSD?
What is the difference in how our nervous system reacts, when we are on an outdoor excursion, whether it is an urban stroll, a day hike or an extended backpacking trip?

Guest: Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix- Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

Healthy Options 10/4/17

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Co-Producer: Petra Hall
Engineer: Joel Mann

Building Resiliency to Trauma: The Trauma and Community Resiliency Models

a) What is the Trauma Resource Institute?
b) What is the Trauma Resiliency Model?
c) What is the Community Resiliency Model?
d) How does trauma or stress affect the nervous system?
e) Is there a way to regulate the nervous system even when there is trauma?
f) What is the difference between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system and why is it important to know this?
g) How can we be more resilient in our response to life events?

Guest: Elaine Miller-Karas, Executive Director and co-founder of the Trauma Resource Institute, and author of the book, “Building Resiliency to Trauma, the Trauma and Community Resiliency Models.®”

Healthy Options 9/6/17

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Co-Producer: Petra Hall
Engineer: Amy Browne

Techniques to protect your brain and body from the effects of STRESS

1) How does stress affect us?
2) What is the role of melatonin in helping us cope with stress?
3) Why is it important not to “relax” after a stressful experience?
4) What is the relationship between our eyes and stress?
5) Why is diet so important in healing, and in preventing the negative effects of stress?
6) What foods are helpful in protecting us from the effects of stress?

Mithu Storoni, MD, PhD.
Author of “Stress Proof: The Scientific Solution To Protect Your Brain and Body- and Be More Resilient Every Day”

Healthy Options 8/2/17

Producer/Host: Rhonda Feiman
Co-Producer: Petra Hall

Rhonda Feiman speaks with Marcy Cottrell Houle, MS., co-author of “The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare,” about how the current health care delivery model is ill-equipped to provide comprehensive, person-centered care to seniors, and how many treatable conditions and symptoms are dismissed as “just old age.” The discussion highlights specific tools that we can use to help prevent these mistakes and what we need to know to achieve healthy aging.

(This is an encore presentation from October 2016, and is as relevant now as it was then.)


Healthy Options 7/5/17

Producer/Host: Cynthia Swan
Engineer: John Greenman

Brain-Gut-Immunity: Making the Connections

Key Discussion Points:
a) Description of the brain-gut connection
b) What are optimal diets to enhance brain-gut healthy?
c) What is autoimmunity? What contributes to it? What can help repair the immune system?

Dr. Kurt Vreeland
417 Main Street, Suite 202 Rockland, ME