Quiet Fire 11/14/18

Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

Lincoln Uses the Word “God”

Esoterica 11/13/18

Mainstreaming Extraterrestrials
CJ Kenna | Producer + Writer/Performer

Outside the Box 11/13/18

Producer/Host: Larry Dansinger

It Ain’t Fair

Pet Sounds 11/11/18

Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

The Nature of Phenology 11/10/18

Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn

Heavy Frosts

Photos, a full transcript, references, contact information, and more available at thenatureofphenology.wordpress.com.

Frost can certainly skate fairy-like across our glass windows but can also drill its way like thousands of microscopic daggers into the fragile bodies of unprotected insects, breaching cell membranes as it goes.

Nature’s Remedies 11/10/18

Producer/Host: Tim Hagney

Earthwise 11/10/18

Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
Production Assistant: John Welles

Awanadjo Almanack 11/9/18

Producer/Host: Rob McCall
Production Assistance: Rebecca McCall

“The National Bird”