Notes from the Electronic Cottage 10/10/19: Voting Security- Again

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

How are you feeling about the upcoming 2020 election? No matter what your favorite party or favorite candidate – or level of disgust – one thing none of us should feel real good about is the state of our election technology as we approach this very important election. Here’s why.

Quiet Fire 10/9/19: The Value of Confusion

Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

BoatTalk 10/8/19: great loop, refrigerators, books, docking, more

Producers/Hosts: Alan Sprague and Mike Joyce
Engineer: John Greenman

Key Discussion Points:
a) book recommended by mike, book recommended by listeners.
b) report in progress of the great loop.
c) driving a ship while watching videos

Guest: Dave Rowe by phone doing the great loop

Outside the Box 10/8/19: Blame the Victim

Producer/Host: Larry Dansinger

Esoterica 10/8/19: My Friend Dan

CJ Kenna | Producer + Writer/Performer

Poetry Express 10/6/19: “On Selling Our House and Moving to Town”

Marian Fowler reading “On Selling Our House and Moving to Town” by Thomas Moore

Pet Sounds 10/6/19: Obesity- A Serious Business

Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

The Nature of Phenology 10/5/19: Leaf Change

Producers: Hazel Stark & Joe Horn
Host: Hazel Stark

I drive by that copse of poplar trees every day and yet I have not stopped to absorb or photo-document their splendor. But to these wayward travelers from perhaps a city or suburb, our dead end road was as strange, quaint, and special as Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Sometimes it takes tourists to remind me of just how special our place is.

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