Pet Sounds 12/1/19: Recheck Exams- Not a Rip Off

Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

The Nature of Phenology 11/30/19: Crows Roosting

Producers: Hazel Stark & Joe Horn
Host: Hazel Stark

Why a group of American crows is called a “murder” is, perhaps, anyone’s guess, for this term is so old it is chronicled in fairytales and folklore. As such, there are many colorful rationales for this grim name that all seem to stem from the fact that crows are opportunistic scavengers, so wherever there is death, there is often a group of crows not too far off.

Photos, a full transcript, references, contact information, and more available at

Earthwise 11/30/19: Biography of Hemlock

Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
Production Assistance: Joel Mann

Nature’s Remedies 11/30/19: The Breath

Producer/Host: Tim Hagney

WERU Special 11/29/19: Word Literary Festival Special, Blue Hill, Maine)

Producer/Host: Phelan Gallagher

Poetry, Piano and Vocal Performance, recorded at the Word, the Blue Hill Literary Arts Festival, October 2019, Blue Hill, Maine. Features Poet Richard Blanco, Pianist and Composer Paul Sullivan, and Vocalist Rose Upton

Synopsis from the Word Festival website “This festival highlight performance is the premiere of an original, collaborative work created just for the Word festival. This performance piece will explore its creators’ immigrant roots—Paul Sullivan’s Irish heritage and Blanco’s from Cuba. Vocalist Rose Upton, originally from Orland, will sing as well.”

Awanadjo Almanack 11/29/19: “Gather Together”

Producer/Host: Rob McCall
Production Assistance: Rebecca McCall

Penobscot Nation Ambassador Maulian Dana on Decolonizing Thanksgiving

A League of Women Voters presentation. Recorded in November 2019 by Linda Washburn. Lightly edited by Amy Browne.

**PLEASE NOTE: There are some audio quality issues during the introduction, which lasts a few minutes. Bear with us, as they resolve as soon as Maulian Dana starts speaking.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 11/28/19: Google and Facebook Alternatives

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

The online holiday shopping season is upon us once again, and that means being a little extra careful in what we do online to avoid the very unpleasant consequences of identity theft and, maybe, to even think about using some alternatives to big online services like Google or Facebook. For a couple of alternative possibilities to maybe explore, take a look at:

Restore Privacy – Google Alternatives
No More Google