Notes from the Electronic Cottage 8/15/19: URL Shorteners & Terms of Service

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Two topics today: One: how can you be sure that those shortened URL addresses you are often pointed to actually take you where you think they will take you? Here are three services that check on those shortened addresses for you so you don’t wind up someplace on the web you really wouldn’t want to go:,,

Two: we all click “Yes” or “Agree” when we come upon things like “Terms of Service” that we have to accept is we want to use things such as Google Drive. Unfortunately, many of us don’t bother to read them. Sometimes, it is a good idea. Here’s one example.

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Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this hefty beetle was its elegant antennae which extended from its head a full two times the length of its body and formed a brilliant delicate jointed arch which curled slightly at the tip. These two long antennae, sometimes called horns can get this bumbling native beetle into a heap of trouble.