Notes from the Electronic Cottage 5/28/20: COVID-19 Tools 2

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

There has been a lot of interest in creating smart phone apps that would aid in Covid-19 transmission tracking. How would they work? There is widespread agreement of what such an app should be able to do, but how they would do that is not so clear. Here’s why.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 5/21/20: COVID-19 Tools 1

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

While we’re trying to keep ourselves to ourselves as much as we can, here’s a little thought experiment. Suppose we were charged with coming up with some tech-based tools to try to reduce the spread of Covid-19. How might we think about doing that? Here’s one approach…

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 5/14/20: COVID-19 and AI

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

In our Covid-19 times, it’s interesting to see who is getting arrested in various places around the country for violating social distancing rules – and who is not. The differences point to some serious problems with AI predictive policing software programs that are increasingly being used by police departments around the country, and offer us an opportunity to think about the Covid-19 tracking tech programs that are beginning to come online and what they man mean for us and our neighbors.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 5/7/20: COVID-19 and The Census

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

There are two very big things going on in our world right now: the Covid-19 pandemic and the US Census count. What might those two things have in common? The answer is the importance of trust on the part of those involved – trust that electronic efforts to track the spread of the disease will not compromise people’s privacy, and trust that the Census can generate information of great importance for the country as a whole without revealing sensitive data about individuals in the process. Here’s why there can be a problem and why that problem makes lots of people nervous.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 4/30/20: COVID-19 and Digital Life 5

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

One of the good things about the Web is the access to information it offers to those with Internet connectivity, which is, unfortunately, not all of us. One of the bad things about the Web is the access to bad information it also makes available. When it comes to Covid-19 information, our lives depend on accurate information. Here are some web sites where we can find it.

Federation of American Scientists

World Association of Medical Editors

Covid-19 Date Resource Center

Centers for Disease Control

Maine CDC

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 4/23/20: COVID-19 and Digital Life 4

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Covid-19 is on everyone’s mind these days, as it should be. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things happening in the digital world. Before we get back to Covid-19 digital tracking tech, let’s take a quick look at some other headlines that may have gotten missed as we all concentrate on the pandemic

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 4/16/20: COVID-19 and Digital Life 3

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Though we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, folks are already wondering what the world night be like when we get “back to normal”. Odds are pretty good that there will be some differences in the role of digital technology in our everyday lives. Here are a couple of possibilities.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 4/9/20: COVID-19 and Digital Life

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Most of us are sheltering at home these days. For those with high speed Internet access, there are lots of opportunities to make that sheltering at home experience a bit more bearable. Unfortunately, that is far from everyone in Maine. Here are links to some of the items discussed on today’s program.

Here is some information about the Maine High Speed Infrastructure Bond Issue

Here are some links with info about free streaming options during the pandemic:

Here are some things that Zoom meeting convenors can do to keep their online meetings safer: