Esoterica 1/8/19

Happy New Year
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A Word in Edgewise 1/7/19

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Launching 2019 . . .

Pet Sounds 1/6/19

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Cold Weather Warnings 2.0

The Nature of Phenology 1/5/19

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“Frozen” is the operative term that can be applied to our neck of the woods for the coming months, though it is easy to keep warm and stave off the cabin nasties when shuffling across the frosty world on a pair of skates, skis, or snowshoes. Now that we are in the depths of winter, folks will be taking advantage of the peculiar physical properties of water as it freezes into the subject of today’s topic: ice.

Nature’s Remedies 1/5/19

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Earthwise 1/5/18

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Mother Holle

Common Ground Radio 1/4/18

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Organic Food and Farming in Maine: Keynote Address – MOFGA Farmer to Farmer Conference 2018

Key Discussion Points:
a) Keynote address recorded on November 5, 2018, Point Lookout, Northport, ME
b) Development and evolution of Pleasant Valley Farm over 30 years
c) Farming with the extended family

Paul Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm, Argyle, NY
Sandy Arnold, Pleasant Valley Farm, Argyle, NY

Awanadjo Almanack 1/4/19

Producer/Host: Rob McCall
Production Assistance: Rebecca McCall

New Year Predictions — NOT!