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Rich Hilsinger – So Many Friends

Rich Hilsinger, who has hosted On the Wing on and off since 1988, doesn’t point to a single memory but, like many WERU Volunteers, identifies the friendships and people he got to know through WERU as one of the fondest aspects of  his involvement with WERU over 25 years.

Paul Anderson Meets Arlo Guthrie and Rick Danko

Paul Anderson, founder and original host of Bronzewound, and organizer of the Peter, Paul, and Mary Concert in 1993, recalls meeting and interviewing many musicians over the years. Two of his favorite memories were of Arlo Guthrie, and of Rick Danko, coming to WERU.

Mary Kellett-Putting Faces to Voices

Mary Kellett is a long time host of the Saturday and Sunday Morning Coffeehouses. She began volunteering at WERU as a Board member, and has served in a number of Board positions over the years, including a term as President. She recalls her first WERU meeting and seeing the faces of the voices she had been listening to for years.

Jeff Kobrock-Donuts with Don Furth

Jeff Kobrock was WERU’s first General Manager, hired in 1991, who served in that role until 1995. Don Furth, after retiring from a career at IBM, was a key volunteer who helped with data and finances for 13 years, through 40 Funathons, and nine Full Circle Fairs.

Greg Rossel and the Halloween Train Ride

Greg Rossel, current host of A World of Music and current President of the station’s Board, recalls the Halloween Train Ride that took place for several years.

George Fowler – Live Music at WERU

George Fowler is the founder and still co-host of New Potatoes, a program that features Celtic Music, and that has been on the station since WERU’s first year of broadcasting. Here he recalls bring the premier Irish group Altan to the Henhouse, long before Altan was world famous.

Deborah Wiggs on Planning for Sign-on Day

Deborah Wiggs was an early volunteer at WERU and was the first Board President of Salt Pond Community Broadcasting, which holds the license to WERU. She remembers planning for Sign-on Day – nervously.

Denis Howard, Many Memories

From Midnight Oil to Natalie McMaster, Denis Howard, currently Underwriting Manager and Music Director, has fond (and humorous) memories of his time at WERU.