Archives for Poetry Express

Poetry Express 5/31/20: “Revel in Filth”

Katie Moeller reading “Revel in Filth” by Maya Williams

Poetry Express 5/24/20: “Camp Song”

Samaa Abdurraqib reading “Camp Song” by Jan Bindas-Tenney

Poetry Express 5/17/20: “End of Land, Deer Isle”

Samaa Aburraqib’s poem “End of Land, Deer Isle” read by Maya Williams.

Poetry Express 5/10/20: “Coronavirus Spring”

Zeina Azzam’s poem “Coronavirus Spring” read by Karen Myrick

Poetry Express 5/3/20: “Homesick”

“Homesick” by Alana Saleeby read by Samaa Abdurraqib

Poetry Express 4/26/20: “Water/Nebi”

“Water/Nebi” by Cheryl Savageau read by Jan Bindas-Tenney

Poetry Express 4/19/20: “Aren’t We All Brothers”

“Aren’t We All Brothers” by Sharif Elmusa read by Diane Magras

Poetry Express 3/29/20: “Deep Winter”

“Deep Winter” by Amy Belle Adams, read by David Banker