Archives for Poetry Express

Poetry Express 1/19/20: “A Spell Against Developers”

Robert Nichols reading “A Spell Against Developers” by Gary Lawless

Poetry Express 1/12/20: “Breathing in the Rain”

Nicola Chin reading “Breathing in the Rain” by Amira Al Sammrai

Poetry Express 1/5/20: “Nature”

Paul McFarland reading “Nature” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Poetry Express 12/22/19: “Coming Home”

Brenda Harrington reading “Coming Home” by Elizabeth Tibbets

Poetry Express 12/15/19: “O! Hills of Strong!”

Richard Hardgreaves reading “O! Hills of Strong!” by Julia Harris May

Poetry Express 12/8/19: “Apple”

Leigh Norcott reading “Apple” by Betsy Sholl

Poetry Express 12/1/19: “Just Beyond Hope”

Ellen Taylor reading her own poem “Just Beyond Hope”

Poetry Express 11/24/19: “No Such Luck”

Kathleen Ellis reading her own poem “No Such Luck”