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Poetry Express 3/29/20: “Deep Winter”

“Deep Winter” by Amy Belle Adams, read by David Banker

Poetry Express 3/22/20: “Notes on Thoreau’s Maine Journals”

“Notes on Thoreau’s Maine Journals” by Paul Corrigan, read by Lisa Noyes

Poetry Express 3/15/20: “Potatoes”

John Twomey reading “Potatoes” by Jay Davis

Poetry Express 3/8/20: “Interview with the Dead”

Eliot Fowler reading “Interview with the Dead” by Julia Bouwsma

Poetry Express 2/23/20: “Starting the Subaru and Five Below”

Jackie Ascrizzi reading “Starting the Subaru at Five Below” by Stuart Kestenbaum

Poetry Express 2/16/20: “Red Sky”

Genevieve Lysen reading “Red Sky” by Susann Pelletier

Poetry Express 2/9/20: “The Fate of the Trees”

Nick Beauchesne reading “The Fate of the Trees” by Elias Nasrat

Poetry Express 2/2/20: “Evening Song”

Jeff Hamm reading “Evening Song” by Steve Luttrell