Archives for Poetry Express

Poetry Express 8/9/20: “Instinct”

Georges Budagu Makoko reading “Instinct” by Marianne Murekatete

Poetry Express 8/2/20: “And July”

Barb Rehmeyer reading “And July” by Elizabeth Coatsworth

Poetry Express 7/12/20: “When the Turtles Called My Name”

Lizz Sinclair reading “When the Turtles Called My Name” by Louis Sinclair

Poetry Express 7/5/20: “The Abandoned Orchards of Maine”

Diane Magras reading “The Abandoned Orchards of Maine” by Pam Smith

Poetry Express 6/28/20: “I Walk My Road at Dusk“

Lizz Sinclair reading “I Walk My Road at Dusk“ by Julia Bouwsma.

Poetry Express 6/14/20: “Untitled”

Samaa Abdurraqib reading “Untitled” by Cait Vaughan

Poetry Express 5/31/20: “Revel in Filth”

Katie Moeller reading “Revel in Filth” by Maya Williams

Poetry Express 5/24/20: “Camp Song”

Samaa Abdurraqib reading “Camp Song” by Jan Bindas-Tenney