Esoterica 4/24/18

Release To Peace
CJ Kenna | Producer + Writer/Performer

Mainely Phenology 4/21/18

Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn


Photos, a full transcript, references, contact information, and more available at

While we humans spent the last month shaking off the four Nor’easters that swept across New England week after week, the little silvery smelts were ponderously ascending tidal rivers across the state. By the third week in March, the tiny fish—often only six to twelve inches long—found themselves at the head of the tide in the larger rivers.

Earthwise 4/21/18

Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
Production Assistant: John Welles


Nature’s Remedies 4/21/18

Producer/Host: Tim Hagney

Deep Squat

Democracy Forum 4/20/18

Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters of Maine  
Engineer: Amy Browne

Ranked Choice Voting: How Will it Work In Maine

-How ranked choice voting is moving forward for the June primary
-What the Secretary of State is planning
-What voters need to know as they head for the polls.

John Brautigam, a public interest attorney, senior adviser and strategist to the project, Maine Uses Ranked Choice Voting.
Grace Ramsey, deputy outreach director for FairVote, a national electoral reform advocacy group.

To learn more about this topic:

Maine Uses Ranked Choice Voting
Fair Vote
League of Women Voters of Maine

The all-volunteer team at the League of Women Voters – Downeast who plan and coordinate this series includes:

Starr Gilmartin
Maggie Harling
Linda Hoskins
Sheila Kirby
Ann Luther
Maryann Ogonowski
Pam Person
Leah Taylor
Linda Washburn

FMI re League of Women Voters of Maine:

Awanadjo Almanack 4/20/18

Producer/Host: Rob McCall

“Things With Wings”

WERU Community SoapBox 4/19/18

Host: Denis Howard
Engineer: John Greenman
An open-mic style call-in show

Sustainable House Sketchbook 4/19/18

Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh