Pet Sounds 3/24/19

Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

Sick Pets Past and Present

The Nature of Phenology 3/23/19

Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn

Spring Equinox

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March 20th marked our celestial halfway point in our travels from winter to summer: the spring equinox. Rather than our axis being pointed towards the sun, as it is in summer, or pointed away from the sun, as it is in winter, during an equinox, our axis is exactly half way to either extreme. This means that on March 20th we had almost exactly 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of nighttime.

Earthwise 3/23/19

Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
Production Assistant: John Welles

The Number One

Nature’s Remedies 3/23/19

Producer/Host: Tim Hagney


Awanadjo Almanack 3/22/19

Producer/Host: Rob McCall
Production Assistance: Rebecca McCall

“Spring Fever”

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/21/19

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

What Can Our Ears Believe?

Technology is pretty amazing, as we all know. Today, couple of examples of products that have been demonstrated, though are not yet fully commercialized. This software can essentially make anyone whose voice it has a sample of say pretty much anything, including things the person has never said, in one case merely by typing text on a screen. Don’t believe it? Check And take a look at as well where you can talk for a minute or more and have your own voice synthesized. Spooky – or Great?

The Sketchbook 3/21/19

Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh


Quiet Fire 3/20/19

Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

Sacred Speech