Archives for 25th Anniversary Programming

Hear Again 1/9/14

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

1992 WERU interview with Noam Chomsky, conducted by Mark Baldwin

Hear Again 12/19/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

We’ve all heard that there are common sense rules to live by, but does not removing the label from a mattress we’ve bought count as such a rule? These and other rules we run into every day are the subject of Maureen Farr’s reflections on this edition of Hear Again.

Hear Again 12/12/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

On this edition of Hear Again, we’ll listen to an episode of Next of Kin, a short feature that aired for several years in the early 2000’s hosted by Susan Cockrell that emphasized our relationship with the other creatures who roam this world with us.

Hear Again 11/28/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

What is it we all talk about but can’t actually do anything about? Right – the weather. On this edition of Hear Again, Kathleen Lignell reflects on the weather and how well we can – and can’t – predict it.

Hear Again 11/14/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

On this edition of Hear Again, some poetry from Andy Gay who read on the Breakfast Poet from the mid-1990’s.

Hear Again 11/13/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

(Rebroadcast of 2006 program)

Program Topic: Designing for Cradle to Grave Sustainability

Key Discussion Points:
a) Most current product design is wasteful and unsustainable over time
b) Need to think in terms of complete system sustainability
c) Manufacturers need to be responsible for product through entire life cycle

Guest: William McDonough, Architect

Hear Again 11/7/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

On this edition of Hear Again, we get to hear from special visitors from over the years – musicians who have stopped by and lent their voices to the WERU airwaves by making station IDs, and having fun while they did. Listen up – and send a contribution to support WERU.

Hear Again 10/24/13

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

About now, a lot of folks are thinking about firewood, and firewood, of
course, comes from woodlots. Dave Weigl has some thoughts on good woodlot
management on this edition of Hit the Dirt from the mid-90’s.