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Voices 9/30/08

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: Labor and Human Rights Activists Present 24,000 Pink Slips to Senator Susan Collins

Collins is the only member of Maine’s congressional delegation that has not taken a stand against the Colombia “Free Trade” Agreement.  The pink slips were used to represent the 24,000 Mainers who have lost their jobs in the aftermath of the passage of NAFTA.  FMI: Maine Fair Trade Campaign,

Segment 2:  Noel Paul Stookey Concert

Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary fame is also one of the founders of WERU-FM.  On Thursday, October 2nd he and Julianne Gardner will help WERU celebrate our 20th Anniversary with a benefit concert, desserts and a panel discussion featuring Stookey and some of the other station founders.   The event will take place at the Alamo Theater in Bucksport.  Station Manager Matt Murphy and Development Director Renee Johnson give us the details.  FMI: or 207-469-6600

Weekend Voices: Hear Again 9/20/08

Producer: Jim Campbell;  Host: Amy Browne

From the WERU Archives: Art and Science

How did Paul Sullivan get started in music?  What are some alternative voting systems that might provide propostional representation more effectively?  How do you mathematially divide something fairly among four or more people with no one feeling slighted?

Paul Sullivan, Composer and Musician, River Music, Brooklin, Maine
Alan D. Taylor, Professor of Mathematics, Union College, Schenectedy, NY