Climate & Community 6/20/24: Climate&ME Connects Maine Youth to Climate Policy (Part 2)

Host: Brianna Cunliffe

Description: Climate & Community talks with Abigail Hayne, the Youth Climate Engagement Fellow with the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation, about the new Climate& Me initiative, launched to make engaging with climate action, especially the ongoing update of the state climate action plan, Maine Won’t Wait, more accessible to young people across the state. The second part of our conversations is coming next week, and you can access all the Climate & Me resources at 

Johannah, Brianna, Tanvi, Gus, Corey, and Beth are the team at A Climate to Thrive, a nonprofit working to build a model of community-driven, solutions-focused climate action. Since its origins around a potluck table as concerned neighbors gathered to take action on climate change, A Climate to Thrive, or ACTT, has been supporting solutions on Mount Desert Island and beyond since 2016. Learn more at