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RadioActive 4/16/15

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Issue: Environmental and Social Justice

Program Topic: Generation Climate Rising Rally in Augusta

Key Discussion Points:
a) This past Saturday, April 11th, Maine Students for Climate Justice held a rally and march in Augusta, calling it Generation Climate Rising. Students from colleges, universities and high schools from across state, and supporters, called on Governor LePage to put a freeze on all new fossil fuel infrastructure and to support measures to bring more solar and conservation to the state.
b) Speakers and participants spoke on climate justice, the need for Maine’s government to take climate change seriously, the already changing environment and the need for immediate action.
c) This year’s Maine Youth Activism Gathering will be held Saturday April 18th -Monday April 20th, three days of workshops and community building.

A) Organizers with Maine Students for Climate Justice : Meaghan LaSala (USM), Maddie Lamal-Brown (Bowdoin), Matthew Miles Goodrich (Bowdoin), Iris SanGiovanni (USM), Catherine Fletcher (UMO), Michelle Fournier (350 Maine)!about_us/c14e3
B) student participants from universities, colleges and high schools across the state
C) Christine, Pine Tree Youth Organizing,

World Around Us 4/11/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 21 Adaptation

World Around Us 3/28/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 20: IPCC Mitigation

World Around Us 3/21/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 19: Geoengineering

Next Chapter 3/11/15

Producer/Host: Allen Hundley

Scientists weigh in on climate change.

World Around Us 3/7/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 18 Social Justice

WERU News Report 3/4/15

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Engineer/Reporter: John Greenman

Encouraging Maine towns to make plans for dealing with rising sea levels due to climate change, a challenge to the right to vote on legalizing marijuana locally, and balancing the budget on the backs of Maine’s most vulnerable — today we take you to public hearings held by the state legislature on these issues, and open the phone lines for your calls.

World Around Us 2/28/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 17: Ocean Impacts