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World Around Us 2/21/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 16 Impacts

World Around Us 1/31/15

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 15 Linear and Abrupt

WERU News Report 1/14/15

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Engineer/Reporter: John Greenman

Interactive news report covering issues with a local connection and taking calls. Today: Laurie Sproul, Fern Stearns, Glen Koehler and John Newlin of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby talk about that group’s carbon “fee and dividend” proposal, which is geared toward bipartisan appeal.

-Town officials in Bucksport Saturday held the first of what will be a series of forums for public input on the future direction of the town. There are still many uncertainties with the sale of the mill being challenged in federal court this week on anti-trust grounds. The tone was very positive and optimistic. It wasn’t set up well for recording the event – John Greenman and I both gave it a shot – but here’s a brief clip:
-Members of, the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club and other environmental groups braved single digit temperatures yesterday in Bangor, joining others across the country in a day of rallies in opposition to Keystone XL. We talked to Karen Marysdaughter at the rally:
-The Alliance for Common Good rallied at the Statehouse last week, in what has become an annual event kicking off the legislative session. The Rally of Unity drew people working on a variety of interconnected issues. Meredith DeFrancesco is planning to have full coverage on “RadioActive” tomorrow at 4:30, but here’s a clip, recorded by Eric Tuttle:
-A special vote will be held in Orland next Tuesday on a proposed 6 month moratorium on wind power developments.
-Updates on the current power outages in the Blue Hill area

WERU News Report 12/3/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Engineer: John Greenman

Program Topic: The University of Maine System today took a big step toward becoming the first public land grant system in the country to divest from coal. Two of the students who helped make that possible are with me here in the studio today to tell us how they did it, and what other plans they have up their sleeves — and then we’ll open the phone lines to your calls.

Connor Scott and Brooke Lyons-Justus are members of Maine Students for Climate Justice. Along with another student, Catherine Fletcher, they are also the co-founders of Divest UMaine at UMaine Orono. They’ve been working on fossil fuel divestment of the entire University of Maine system, which is 7 campuses and Maine Maritime Academy. Connor is also the student representative for the UMaine-Orono on the Board of Trustees.

World Around Us 11/29/14

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 12 Oil 2

World Around Us 11/22/14

Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

Climate Change Part 11: Oil

WERU News Report 7/22/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: The South Portland city council voted last night to pass the an ordinance preventing tar sands exports from the harbor there. For several years environmentalists have expressed concerns that the direction of flow of an existing pipeline to Montreal might be reversed so that tar sands from Canada could be piped to the deep water port in South Portland. The extraction of tar sands has had a devastating environmental impact, and concerns about the potential dangers of piping the corrosive substance and the pollution caused by processing it were also cited as reasons for passing the ordinance. While the ordinance still could be overturned by referedum, the news this morning is being called historic by some, and is drawing attention from across the country. The Natural Resources Council of Maine has been working on bringing attention to the tar sands pipeline since 2009. Dylan Voorhees is NRCM’s Clean Energy and Global Warming Project Director:

Segment 2: The tar sands issue is also part of the wider movement for climate justice, which is taking hold on college campuses across the state, notably – as we’ve reported in the past – in the form of student-led pressure to divest from fossil fuel industries. Iris SanGiovanni is one of the organizers of that movement, and one of the resources she and other youth can tap into here in Maine is Pine Tree Youth Organizing. We spoke with Iris, and with Christine of PTYO, to learn more about that group, what they have to offer the community, and how the community can support their efforts:

WERU News Report 6/17/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributing Producer: John Greenman

Segment 1: Protestors gathered outside the Cianbro offices in Pittsfield yesterday, to call attention to their opposition to the East-West corridor promoted by Cianbro’s CEO Peter Vigue. WERU volunteer John Greenman joined the group at roadside, and asked them why there were there

Segment 2: We talk with Lisa Pohlmann, Executive Director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, about their upcoming event, on Wednesday, July 2: Climate Change and the Future of Snow: A Discussion with Porter Fox, Author of “DEEP” in Northeast Harbor. FMI: