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WERU Special 8/25/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

The US Army Corps of Engineers and Maine DOT are proposing a dredging project in Searsport Harbor that would result in nearly a million cubic yards of materials being dumped in Penobscot Bay near Islesboro. The project would deepen and widen the shipping channel. Supporters say that would improve commerce in the port, but opponents say the economic and environmental risks far outweigh any potential benefits.

Joining me in the studio today are Joel Pitcher of the Maine Lobstering Union, and attorney Kim Tucker. She represents the Maine Lobstering Union, Pemaquid Muscle Farm, and the Sierra Club of Maine as well as some individual members of the Zone D lobster council. The program also features excerpts from an interview with Dr. Kevin Yeager- an independent scientist who previously worked on the Holtrachem/Mallinkrodt mercury case in the federal court system. He is the author of a new report that raises serious concerns about the plan– among them the possibility that inert mercury in the sediment may be converted to a more toxic form and make its way into the food chain in Penobscot Bay. He also criticizes the methology the Army Corps used in their sediment sampling.

WERU Special: Mainers Speak Out – Palestine 8/7/14

Producers/Hosts: Carolyn Coe & Amy Browne

*Note- Due to a recording error, the introduction to this program was omitted, but the transcript of the intro follows:

Welcome to this WERU Special – Mainers speaking out about Israel and Palestine. It’s August 7th, 2014. I’m Amy Browne.

A group of Mainers visited Senator Collin’s office in Portland earlier this week, to – in their words “object to her support of Israel’s international war crimes against civilians, to the $3.1 billion annual military aid to Israel supplied by U.S. taxpayers, and to the senator representing AIPAC [ the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] rather than her Maine constituents.” WERU’s Carolyn Coe was there and recorded their comments, which we’re going to hear now, then we’ll be opening the phone lines at the half hour for your reaction and comments on the issue.

WERU Special- Alcoholism/Recovery 7/9/14

Producer/Host: Maxim Langstaff
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Alcoholism

Program Topic: Discussion of exactly what alcoholism is, it’s impact, treatment, hope and resources.

Key Discussion Points:
a) What is alcoholism?; the true nature of the disease – breaking down the myths
b) How do I know if I, or a loved one, am an alcoholic
c) What kind of help is out there and how does it work?

A) Trudy Avery, Caron treatment Centers
B) John Dyben, Caron Treatment centers
C) Kelly McAdams, Caron Treatment Centers

WERU Special- Downtowns 5/14/14

Producer/Host: Matt Murphy
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Downtown and Main Street in Maine Special

The “Downtown Movement” is alive and well in Maine and we’ll explore both the concept and details of downtown revitalization in Maine. What is the history of downtowns in Maine? What is a healthy downtown and how do communities get there? What can the public do to support downtowns? What are the controversial elements of downtown revitalization? We explore these questions and more.

Definition of “downtown”
Guests’ organizations’ roles in downtown movement
History of downtown in Maine
Elements of healthy downtown and how a town can get there
Hurdles to overcome
Maine Downtown Conference

Meredith Jones, Executive Director of Maine Community Foundation
Briana Pinkham Bebb, Executive Director of Our Town Belfast
Lorain Francis, Senior Program Director of Maine Development Foundation

WERU Special – Katahdin Woods Nat’l Park 5/12/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Studio Engineer: Matt Murphy

A special WERU call-in show about the proposed Katahdin Woods and Waters National Park and Recreation area. The family of Roxanne Quimby, founder of Burt’s Bees, would like to donate land east of Mount Katahdin for a national park and a national recreation area. But rather than being met with a grateful “thank you”, the offer has received mixed responses. Joining us in the studio today is Lucas St. Clair, Roxanne Quimby’s son, and President of the Board of Directors of Elliotsville Plantation, the foundation that owns the land.


Special: Camden Conference 3/12/14

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: Two short Presentations from the 2014 Camden Conference; one by Kathleen Merrigen, one by Chellie Pingree

1. What are four ways in which agriculture can help reduce climate change?

2. What is the current status in the growth of farming in Maine?

3. What are two things that individuals can do to help ensure a more sustainable food system ?


Kathleeen Merrigen, former Deputy Director of the US Department of Agriculture

Chellie Pingree, Congresswoman from Maine’s First Congressional District

Special: Camden Conference 3/6/14

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Presentation entitled “Two Pathways into the Future” from the 2014 Camden Conference, Fred Kirschenmann, Professor of Philosophy, Iowa State University, and organic farmer

1. Is the question “How will we increase agricultural output to feed 9 billion people “the right question to ask?
2. Why is a systems approach to food important?
3. Why is developing an “ecological conscience” a necessity for human survival ?

Special: Camden Conference 3/3/14

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Presentation entitled “Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change” from the 2014 Camden Conference, Andrew Guzman, Professor of Law, Berkeley Law School

1. What is the current effect on access to fresh water of melting glaciers around the world?
2. How many people are dependent on water originating in glaciers?
3. What will the effect be on those people as the climate warms?