WERU Special: Afghan Peace Volunteers 1/30/18

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Afghan Peace Volunteers

Part I: Nematullah, active with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, has been teaching refugees and internally displaced people in Shahrak Police Refugee Camp in Kabul, Afghanistan. He describes how his work as a child laborer influenced his desire to become an educator of disadvantaged children. He also shares how he has introduced into his classroom the concept of nonviolence in addition to core subjects like math and Dari.

Part II: Three students who are in their third and final year of study at the Street Kids School–Adila, Sakina, and Amrullah–share what they have learned at the school as well as challenges they face and have overcome. One of their teachers, Naser, shares his concerns about the street kids’ future and reveals his struggle to be a different sort of teacher, and person, from what he experienced.

Part III: An update on the situation for Afghans in Afghanistan and in Europe from Voices for Creative Nonviolence UK–

Nematullah, teacher for Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and a coordinator of the EarthGEN! team at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre
Students at the Street Kids School (a program of the Borderfree Centre):
and Amrullah
Naser, bridge class teacher at the Street Kids School and Kabul Univ. student

Afghan Peace Volunteer blog: ourjourneytosmile.com
Voices for Creative Nonviolence: vcnv.org