The Unveiling of Rob McCall’s “Americans Who Tell the Truth” Portrait”

Recorded by Matt Murphy
Very lightly edited by Amy Browne

This is a recording of the Americans Who Tell the Truth (AWTT) event to honoring Rob McCall at the unveiling of Robert Shetterly’s new portrait of him, at the Blue Hill Public Library on May 12th, 2018. (NOTE: The recording starts with a few minutes of singing that is partially off mic. Stick with it because the audio quality improves significantly after those first few minutes).

Rob McCall is the host of “Awanadjo Almanack”. a WERU classic. Listen here: WERU’s Awanadjo Almanack Archives)
He is greatly admired in this area and beyond as the pastor (retired in 2014) of the First Congregational Church in Blue Hill and as the writer and voice of the popular Awanadjo Almanack, a bi-weekly commentary of insight into nature, political opinion through nature’s lens, and musings into all things spiritual and poetical. McCall says, “The Almanack is devoted to feeling at home in nature and breaking down the wall of hostility between us and the rest of creation.”

The Americans Who Tell the Truth portraits — now numbering over 235 — travel to schools, colleges, museums, churches and libraries all over the United States to promote engaged and courageous citizenship. “Rob McCall’s portrait will be a great addition to this project,” Shetterly says. “And I know of no greater contemporary nature writer and no greater source of wisdom for how we must think of ourselves in relation to nature if we want to survive on this planet.”