The World Around Us 3/15/07

Producer/host: Sarah O’Malley

Topic: Chickadees

EarthSense 3/14/07

Producer/host: Phil Bailey

Ask W.A.M. (Wildlife Alliance of Maine)

Producers/hosts: Cherie Mason and Daryl DeJoy

Voices 3/13/07

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributing producer: Eric Olson

Topics: A speaker from Mexico describes the struggle of the Zapatistas to protect their communities from the impacts of so-called free trade, FMI: and
and Kate Harris describes the upcoming “Who Owns Maine’s Water–A Symposium on Water Commons”, that will be taking place at the University of Maine Farmington on March 24th, FMI:

BoatTalk 3/13/07

Producers/hosts: Alan Sprague and Mike Joyce

Topics: Small Boat Building, Boat School, Lobster By-Catch: Is it better to build a boat right side up or down? What about lobster by-catch? Bottom Paints and other toxics.

Guests: Author Greg Rossel, Maine State Senator Denis Damon

Call in show

Nature’s Remedies 3/13/07

Producer/host: Dr. Tim Hagney

Going and Doing 3/13/07

Producer/host: John Greenman

Topic: Fangak, part 2

Powerful Peace 3/12/07

Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

Topic: Internet filtering