RadioActive 1/29/09

Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne & Meredith DeFrancesco

Segment 1: Maureen Drouin from Maine Conservation Voters talks about Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition– 27 environmental, conservation and public health organizations that have come together to set priorities for legislation to address climate change, mercury, pesticides, energy efficiency and protection of Maine’s land and rivers. (FMI:

Segment 2: Landowners and hunters in the Greenville area are reporting that Plum Creek Corporation is cutting near important winter deer yards, threatening the deer population in the area.  Charlie Baker’s family has lived in the area for generations.  We spoke with him by phone earlier today from his home in Shirley, Maine.

Segment 3: Concerned local landowners and hunters have approached the environmental group, Native Forest Network, hoping to find a way to prevent further destruction.   Ryan Clarke of the Native Forest Network joins us to talk about what that group is doing about the situation.  (FMI:  [email protected])

Talk of the Towns 1/23/09

Producer/Host: Ron Beard

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Community Supported Fisheries–Shrimp for Sale

What is the mission, and what are the program of, the Penobscot East Resource Center?  How does a community supported fisheries work?  How is it related to the local foods movement?

Guests: Aaron Dority, Penobscot East Resource Center;  Glen Libby, Port Clyde Shrimp and Groundfish Community Supported Fishery;  Ted Hoskings, Minister for coastal communities and fisheries for Maine Sea Coast Mission, and a board member for Penobscot East Resource Center

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