Family Radio Forum 1/12/07

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Topic: Project based learning at Liberty School: What is project based learning? How does project based learning prepare students for life in the 21st century? What is needed to make project based learning work in alternative and traditional schools?

Guests: Arnold Greenburg, Brian Crockett, Cerri Aker and Mariah Nelson, Liberty School; Judith Cox, Education Studies Program, College of the Atlantic; Galen Koch, Big Rock Cafe, Stonington/Deer Isle

RadioActive 1/11/07

Producers/hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

Topics: An interview with local activist Hillary Lister about the situation with incinerating “construction and demolition debris” and out of state waste in Maine, as well as an update from Hillary, and from attorney Phil Worden, about trends for sentencing activists who engage in civil disobedience in Maine.

Writers Forum 1/11/07

Producers/hosts: Dr. Betty Duff and Joan Clemons

Topic: Maine writers

Guests: Brenda Gilchrist, Gayle Hadley and Nancy Hodermarsky

Voices 1/10/07

Producer/host: Amy Browne

Topics: Several local peace activists were sentenced yesterday for taking part in Civil Disobedience last September at Senator Snowe’s Bangor office. After learning that community service would not be an option, several opted for jail time rather than paying a fine. We bring you a report from the courthouse. And later in the program: As the U.S. government spends billions on the war in Iraq, agencies that help survivors of domestic violence are relying on committed volunteers to help them provide needed services. We talk with a representative of Spruce Run about opportunities to become a volunteer with that agency, as well as where you can call for support if you are dealing with domestic violence yourself.

Earth Sense 01/10/07

Producer/host: Phil Bailey

London’s mayor imposes hefty surcharges on SUV’s. Americans ask to be colonized again.

Boat Talk 1/09/07

Producers/hosts: Alan Sprague and Mike Joyce

Topic: Getting Into Boating: How do I learn more about boating without going to the school of hard knocks? Are power squadrons a threat to national security? Why document a boat?

Guests: Kathy Mastbeth and Rob Crone

Call in show