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WERU Special: Doug Tallamy on native plants & biodiversity 8/4/16

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Doug Tallamy, wildlife ecologist, ecologist, and author, speaking about native plants and biodiversity.

What is the role of native plants in our ecosytems?
What are the consequences of introducing nonnative species to our yards?
How can homeowners support the lives of butterflies and bees through living landscapes?


WERU Special – Interview with Dr. Robert Gallon 6/30/16

Producer/Host: Linda Washburn
Engineer: John Greenman

Program Topic: Diagnosing Mental Disorders

Review of book: Gallon, R. (2105). “Nine Dimensions of Madness: Redefining Mental Health”, Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books

Key Discussion Points:
Book text paraphrased:
a) currently objective indicators are not used to diagnose mental disorders
b) Gallon proposes “nine dimensions of dysfunction “ replacing the current disease model
c) “pills” are not the answer for most seeking help: The origins of most mental problems are interactions of biological, psychological and social factors and people can be advised and
empowered to resolve mental dysfunction with a high degree of success.

Author Dr. Robert L. Gallon (Bar Harbor/ Bangor), clinical and forensic psychiatrist, teacher, and author (btw also plays tuba in the BSO)

Special: Bucksport Heart and Soul 3/3/16

Producer/Host: Matt Murphy
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: The Reinvention of Bucksport

Program Topic: Story collecting from all demographics to inform town decision-making

Key Discussion Points:
How has Bucksport responded to the closing of the paper mill?
What is Heart and Soul and how does it function?
How to get involved and who is invited to get involved with Heart and Soul?

Rich Rotella, Heart and Soul Coordinator, Bucksport Community and Economic Development Director
Coleen Gross, volunteer
John Paul LaLonde, volunteer


SPECIAL: Maine Legislature Debates LePage Impeachment Order 1/15/16

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

The Democratic-controlled Maine House of Representatives voted yesterday to kill a proposed order calling for an investigation into whether any of a list of actions by Governor LePage would constitute grounds for impeachment. Today we bring you to the House floor for the first hour of their debate.

The Democrats who voted with the Republicans to defeat the order were:
ALLEY of Beals
BECK of Waterville
DION of Portland
DOORE of Augusta
DUCHESNE of Hudson
DUNPHY of Old Town
FARNSWORTH of Portland
FECTEAU of Biddeford
FOWLE of Vassalboro
GOLDEN of Lewiston
GROHMAN of Biddeford
HARLOW of Portland
HUBBELL of Bar Harbor
KUMIEGA of Deer Isle
LAJOIE of Lewiston
LUCHINI of Ellsworth
MARTIN of Eagle Lake
NADEAU of Winslow
PETERSON of Rumford
ROTUNDO of Lewiston
SHORT of Pittsfield
STANLEY of Medway
TUCKER of Brunswick
VEROW of Brewer

Special: Jim Hightower Speaking in Maine 10/22/15

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Jim Hightower delivering the 2015 Schonberger Peace and Justice Lecture at the University of Maine on October 1st. His talk was called “Twenty-First Century Populist Movements are Flourishing at America’s Grassroots”

WERU Special: Martin Prechtel 9/18/15

Producer/Host: Andree Bella

Interview with Martin Prechtel on Grief and Praise

Key Discussion Points:
a) How do the people in your Mayan village grieve for someone who has died?
b) What role can community, friends and family play in turning grief into beauty?
c) What happens when a culture doesn’t express its grief?
d) What is the relationship between unresolved grief and war?
e) What part can elders of a community play in transforming grief into beauty?

Guest: Martin Prechtel, social activist and author of The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise

WERU Special: Solving Chronic Homelessness 7/9/15

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Topic: Solving chronic homelessness: Logan Place marks its 10th anniversary in Portland, Maine.

In Portland, Maine, Preble Street marks the 10th year of its housing-first project, which aims to solve, not simply address, the problem of chronic homelessness. Two staff members at Logan Place help define the housing-first model and explore its effectiveness as a therapeutic intervention, which transforms lives. Logan Place, Preble Street’s first residential housing project, has cultivated positive community relations.

Caroline Fernandes, coordinator, Logan Place
Mary Beth Sullivan, supervisor, Logan Place
Kathy Kelly, guest interviewer

WERU Special 5/11/15

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

-efforts to end the Israeli military occupation of Palestine
-women in Afghanistan

Josh Ruebner, policy director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, speaks about his book Shattered Hopes: The Failure of Obama’s Middle East Peace Process. He also explores questions raised after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection and reveals the anti-BDS directives included in the “Fast Track” legislation moving through the US Congress.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, a group of high school and college students have come together as the Afghan Peace Volunteers. At the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre and throughout their community, they work to build sustainable alternatives to the status quo. Their Borderfree Radio broadcasts have the goal of promoting a life of nonviolence in Afghanistan. Today’s broadcast focuses on the challenges for women in Afghanistan to meet their families’ basic needs. Three women share their wishes.

Josh Ruebner, policy director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation,
Borderfree Radio broadcast:
Zahidi, host
Interpreter: Zarghuna
Production assistance: Masood and Hakim
Interviewees: Mahnaz, Sara, and Zahra

Transcript from “Afghan Women Voice their Wishes”

Salam to all the dear listeners of Borderfree Radio.
In our program today, we will hear the voices of Afghan women.
Please introduce yourself.
My name is Mahnaz.
What is your greatest wish?
My greatest wish is for my children to live like other children. With regards to clothes, food, books and pens, my children don’t have as much as other children. My husband was martyred.
Is there anyone to help you fulfill your wish?
First, God can help. Then, you, the Afghan Peace Volunteers can help too.
What can we do?
You have good teachers who teach the children well. You’re also helping us with our food needs.
My name is Sara.
What is your greatest wish as an Afghan woman?
My wish is to have a good life, to have enough food, to have a peace in which everyone is of ‘one hand’. People should have jobs so they can find bread for their children.
How can we help you fulfill your wish?
The Afghan Peace Volunteers had come to survey my house, and then they accepted me as a seamstress to sew the winter duvets, for which I got an income. My family was also warm under the duvets we received. Thank you for your help.
My name is Zahra. I have many problems at home. I have suffered much and have many worries. My mind is very scattered. I’m in debt. My wish is to pay off my debts, and to peacefully find food for my family. Thank you that I was able to get some income through the duvet project.
Thanks to all our dear listeners!
We hope you’ll follow Borderfree Radio. Remember, love can open every border! Till the next time, Khuda Hafez.