Archives for 20th Anniversary Programming

Weekend Voices “Hear Again” special 6/14/08

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Contributors: Kathleen Lignell Ellis, Mark Baldwin

Topic: A WERU 20th Anniversary “Hear Again” special from our archives.  Today-Excerpts from conversations with Maine poets who are no longer with us.

What poets influenced May Sarton, Philip Booth, Sylvester Pollet, Constance Hunting?  In Philip Booth’s opinion, who was the last great 19th century Amercian poet and who was the first great 20th century American poet?  Do May Sarton, Philip Booth, Sylvester Pollet, Constance Hunting consider themselves Maine poets? Why or why not?

WERU 20th Anniversary Special 5/27/08

Producers/Hosts: Dave Evans and Bruce Maanum

Topic: Building/Energy additions and renovations needed at WERU

What are the infrastructure needs for WERU?  What are the range of possibiliities for the project?  How can the community become involved?

Guests: Jonathan Fulford, Builder;  Rick Malm, Architect;  Matt Murphy, WERU General Manager;  Kathleen Rybarz, WERU Board of Directors

Call in show

Weekend Voices 20th Anniversary Special “Hear Again” 5/10/08

Executive Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: A selection of short Morning Maine features from the past 20 years, produced by several WERU volunteers
Some of the topics:  What are the best herbs to plant in the spring and what are their uses?  Is is really cheaper to grow your own vegetables?  How does gravity work?

RadioActive Open Mic 5/01/08

Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne and Matt Murphy

An Open Mic show—extended to an hour in length— at WERU’s 20th Anniversary Celebration