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Special 3/29/17: Selections from the 2017 Camden Conference

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Program Topic: Migration and Refugees

Key Discussion Points:
a) Current crisis in forcibly displace people throughout the world
b) Work of the UNHCR
c) US policies on Mexico border to control immigration

Kelly Clements, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees
Bruno Stegno, former UN Ambassador from Costa Rica and Deputy Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

Mid-Coast Currents 2/15/13

Hosts: John Zavodny and Sara Trunzo
Engineer: Joel Mann

Program Topic: The Arab Spring, What Next? The Camden Conference

Key Discussion Points:
1 What is the Camden Conference?
2 What was the “Arab Spring”?
3 What conditions led to the Arab Spring?

Guests by name and affiliation:
a James Matlack is Program Chair of the Camden Conference. He has studied at Princeton, Oxford, and Yale, been a professor and college administrator, and has been a director at the leading Quaker service organization in the United States, American Friends Service Committee. In this role James traveled extensively, especially to the Middle East.
b Bob Rackmales is a former board member and current advisory board member for the Camden Conference. Bob spent over 30 years serving in various overseas leadership roles at the Department of State. He has received the Department’s highest award for excellence and was honored by the Italian government for his efforts following a disastrous earthquake.

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WERU Special: Camden Conference 2/28/11

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: Keynote Presentation from the 2011 Camden Conference on “Asia and the American Future” by Ambassador Chas Freeman, Jr

Is there such a thing as “Asia”? What are current connections between East Asia and West Asia? What is likely to be the most productive approach to Asia in the future for the U.S.?

Weekend Voices 3/27/10

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: Camden Conference Speaker

(Description to follow)

Weekend Voices 3/27/10

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell
Topic: Paul Pillar Speaking at the 2010 Camden Conference
What is the U.S. policy in Afghanistan and how does it affect the region? In the opinion of the speaker, is our policy there succeeding?  What is the best course of action in Afghanistan given the situation there today?
Guest: Paul Pillar, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Center for Peace and Security Studies, Georgetown University. Former National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia.  Q&A included Paul Pillar, Ronald Neumann, Ahmed Rashid, Larry Goodson, Nicholas Burns

Weekend Voices 3/20/10

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: Camden Conference Presentation by Larry Goodson, Professor of Middle East Studies, Department of National Security and Strategy, U.S. Army War College.

What are the current U.S. objectives in Afghanistan?  What is the current U.S. strategy to achieve those objectives?   How likely is that strategy to be successful?

Weekend Voices 3/6/10

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

2010 Camden Conference speaker (more to follow)

Weekend Voices 2/27/10

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: “Is There an Afghanistan?” 2010 Camden Conference Speaker: G. Whitney Azoy
When and how was modern Afghanistan formed?  What are the major ethnic groups in Afghanistan?  What is the relationship of the Taliban to the Pashtun in Afghanistan?