Renewable Radio 1/05/07

Producer/host: Dave Evans

Topic: LEED building standards for green building:

What are the LEED standards? How have the LEED standards changed the building materials available? How do I find less-toxic paint?

Guest: Bruce Stahnke, Architect, Stahnke & Kitagawa Architects

Call in show

RadioActive 1/04/07

Producers/hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne

Topic/guest: Ron Huber, Executive Director of Penobscot Bay Watch ( and long time activist involved in Sears Island protection efforts, gives his perspective on where things stand presently for the 941 acre uninhabited island.

Voices 1/03/07

Producer/host: Amy Browne

Topic: An interview with Rev. Robert and Maureen Tobin, Bishop’s Consultants for Justice and Peace in Israel/Palestine, and residents of Deer Isle. They are working to promote justice and peace in the region by leading groups of Americans on tours through Israel/Palestine so they can witness the situation first hand.

FMI email:, go to the website: or call “voice stick” cell phone: 401-354-2848

Healthy Options 1/03/07

Producer/host: Cynthia Swan

Topic: Aquatic Integration/WATSU: What is AI? What is WATSU? How can these modalities help people? Who created these modalities for healing and why?

Guests: Cameron West; Vicki Mitchell; Dr. Stephen Huyler

Earth Sense 01/03/07

Producer/host: Phil Bailey

Deep ocean trawling poses threat to ocean ecosystems.

Powerful Peace 1/01/07

Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

Topic: Aikido

Weekend Voices 12/30/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Hazel Stark, Ousman (theme music)

Topic: A special produced by WERU Youth Radio reporter Hazel Stark. Hazel recently returned from a delegation to El Salvador, home of Bangor’s sister city, Carasque, as well as WERU’s sister station Radio Sumpul, and in today’s report she describes that experience.