RadioActive 9/13/07

Producers/hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

Topics:  An update on clean up efforts at the former Holtrachem site in Orrington, and in the nearby river, with Adam Goode of the Maine People’s Alliance,
and a report on a recent victory for those opposed to privitization of public services—Hillary Lister of MaineIndy Media and CAPIT (Citizens Against Pollution in Town) reports on the fight to prevent Casella from running Lewiston’s dump.  She also gives an update on solid waste disposal issues in other parts of the region.


Notes from the Electronic Cottage 9/13/07

Producer/host: Jim Campbell

Privacy and Facebook

Search engines and other Internet companies are beginning to offer us choices and tools to better protect our personal privacy online. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be using them. A recent example from Facebook makes the point all too well. If we want to be in control of our cyber-lives, it is ultimately up to us to take the time to protect our personal privacy.

RadioActive 9/06/07

Producers/hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco, Amy Browne, Carolyn Coe

Topic: Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney speaking at a peace rally in Kennebunkport, Maine on the weekend of August 25th-26th.  The rally was the largest in the town’s history.  Also speaking at the rally was Colonel Ann Wright.  Wright visited Deer Isle, Maine after the rally to speak with residents in this area.  Carolyn Coe recorded/produced today’s audio from the rally, as well as a conversation between local peace activist Pat Wheeler and Colonel Ann Wright in Deer Isle.