RadioActive 2/28/08

Executive Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

Contributing Producer: Carolyn Coe

Coverage February 19th’s Day of Action, held in Portland, Maine, in opposition to “the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”  (S1959) introduced by  Maine’s Senator Susan Collins.  Includes speakers Maureen Block, one of the organizers of the event;  Shenna Bellows of the Maine Civil Liberties Union;  Logan Perkins, Native Forest Network; and Robert Shetterly, activist/artist,  creator of “Americans Who Tell the Truth”.  Recorded and produced by Carolyn Coe.

Co-sponsors of the event included:
Maine Civil Liberties Union
National Lawyers Guild, Maine chapter
Island Peace and Justice
Peninsula Peace and Justice
Maine Veterans for Peace (William Ladd Chapter)
Native Forest Network
Peace Action Maine

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 2/28/08

Producer/host: Jim Campbell

Do you fly regularly, even a few times a year? How do you like flying these days? If you are like most travelers, probably not very much. But in addition to the security hassles and delays that are part of many trips these days, there is also something else you might not like too much if you knew about. We refer, of course, to the information amassed in the PNR, or Passenger Name Record, that gets created or built upon every time you fly.

WERU Special 2/26/08

Producers/hosts: Marge May and Eric T. Olson

Segment 1:  Democracy and Grassroots activism
David Cobb, 2004 Presidential candidate for the Green Party and Pat Lamarche, 2004 Vice Presidential candidate for the Green Party, Maine activist and journalist, speaking at the University of Maine.  Produced by Marge May

Segment 2: Eric Olson interviews Rabbi Amita Jarmon of Adas Yoshuron in Rockland about what it will take peacefully to solve conflict in Israel & Palestine and opportunities coming up for Mainers to hear from a representative the largest national Jewish peace organization in America.

Talk of the Towns 2/22/08

Producer/host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Topic: Agriculture Setting the Table of Maine’s Creative Economy

What were the origins of John Harker’s report on Maine’s Agricultural Creative Economy to the Maine Legislature?  What is the mission of Farms for Maine’s Future?  What resources does the university employ to assist farmers and agricultural producers?

Guests: John Harker, Maine Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources;  Keri Sands, Farms for Maine’s Future and CEI;  Beth Calder, Food Science Specialist, UMaine Cooperative Extension;  Nanney Kennedy, Seacolors, Washington, Maine

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