RadioActive 3/29/07

Producers/hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco
Guest producer: Carolyn Coe
Topics: The Reversing Falls Church in Brooksville, Maine’s tribute to Rachel Corrie ( on the anniversary of her death earlier this month.  Corrie was killed in Gaza as she tried to help protect a Palestinian family whose home was about to be bulldozed.   She was 23 years old.  Also, an announcement about the 2nd annual Sustainable Food Conference coming up this weekend in Unity

WERU Special 3/29/07: Don Pablo Alvarenga of El Salvador, Part 2

Producer/host: Amy Browne

Local historian Don Pablo Alvarenga in Cinquera, Cabanas, El Salvador, in January 2007, speaking about the history of religion, politics and war in the area.

Part 1 aired 3/27/07 and is also available on these archives.

Part 3 will air on RadioActive on Thursday, April 5th at 4p.m., and the final segment will air on RadioActive the following week (Thursday, April 12th at 4p.m.)

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/29/07

Producer/host: Jim Campbell

The World Around Us 3/29/07

Producer/host: Sarah O’Malley

Topic: Hibernation

Voices 3/27/07

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Denis Howard, Tommy Dean, Joel Mann (theme music)

Topics: Denis Howard interviews folk musician Bob Franke; Tommy Dean interviews country music’s Doug Kershaw;  columnist Lawrence Reichard joins us for an update on the Gary Tyler murder case.

WERU Special 3/27/07: Don Pablo Alvarenga of El Salvador, Part 1

Producer/host: Amy Browne

Topic: Local historian Don Pablo Alvarenga in Cinquera, Cabañas, El Salvador, recorded in January 2007, talking about the history, religion and politics of the area.  Translated by Jesse Dyer-Stewart

Nature’s Remedies 3/27/07

Producer/host: Dr. Tim Hagney

Going and Doing 3/27/07

Producer/host: John Greenman

Topic: Fangak, part 4