Notes from the Electronic Cottage 08/03/06

Host: Jim Campbell

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently asked the question: “Was the 2004 election stolen?” No matter what your personal answer to that question, we all want our votes to count in future elections but the rollout of unproven and problematic electronic voting machine technology for the 2006 election makes a lot of pretty high end observers nervous about having every vote count. Listen here to understand why, and check out these recent reports on electronic voting machines for yourself: For the report of the National Academies of Science, go to: For the recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery, go to: For the report of the Brennan Center for justice, go to: and click on the aptly-named report on The Machinery of Democracy.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 07/27/06

Host/Producer: Jim Campbell

Topic: So the saga of the NSA spying on Americans without any court order goes on. Several suits have been brought against AT&T for cooperating with the NSAand handing over the telephone records of millions and millions of Americans­ in fact, even setting up a special room in AT&T’s San Francisco routing center to make monitoring easier for the NSA spooks. The Justice Department has stepped into the suits invoking the old “state secrets” argument, and AT&T has quietly changed its privacy policy, essentially claiming that it owns your information and can do whatever it wants with it. But it ain’t over yet: listen up ­ and relax, the NSA won’t be on the other end of this broadcast.

WERU Special: Bruce Gagnon’s Keynote at the Full Circle Fair on 7/23/06

Producer: Amy Browne
Topic: Bruce Gagnon is the Coordinator and co-founder of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, a long time activist, author and film maker. He organized the largest peace protest in Florida history in 1987 at the first test flight of the Trident II nuclear missile. 10 years later he organized the Cancel Cassini Campaign. Project Censored has twice named his stories among the most censored of the year (1999 and 2005). In 2005 his book Come Together Right Now: Organizing Stories from a Fading Empire was published. Gagnon’s work has been published in Earth Island Journal, National Catholic Reporter, CounterPunch, Z Magazine, Space News, and many others, nationally and internationally. He is a member of the National Writers Union and a former farm workers union organizer. His videos include 2003’s Arsenal of Hypocrisy and The Battle for America’s Soul (2005) which have been shown extensively on Free Speech TV. Gagnon also hosts a local cable show and publishes a newsletter.
For more information: or 207-729-0517
This speech was recorded at the WERU Full Circle Fair in Blue Hill, Maine on 7/23/06
Aired on WERU-FM on 7/27/06
Features music by Tom Neilson and Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman