RadioActive 04/13/06

Topic(s): The controversy surrounding LD141 which would allow and regulate burning of construction and demolition debris (CDD) in Maine 2 pre-recorded interviews (of State Reps. Ted Koffman and Joanne Twomey) and a phone interview with Hillary Lister of CAPIT

Also, a brief update on the status of LD1481 which would make it more difficult for local residents to ban big box stores and other large developments

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 04/06/06

Part of our ongoing series on privacy in the digital age. This edition deals
with privacy in the commercial world – from companies amassing huge
databases about customers to those same companies losing control of that
data and what it means to you as a consumer and a citizen (the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security, after all, buys information about citizens
from commercial providers that it is not allowed by law to collect itself).

Host: Jim Campbell