Renewable Radio 06/02/06

Host: Dave Evans

Topic: Un-powered devices–bicycles, hand tools, etc

Guests: Peter Baldwin, Andrew Donaldson, Dennis Carter

Call in show

RadioActive 06/01/06

Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco
Topics: Sears Island steering committee; LD1481
How was the Sears Island steering committee re-formed to be more inclusive of interests beyond commerce and government agency representatives?
How do locals feel Sears Island should be “used”?
Why is LD1481 so important to both anti-sprawl activists and proponents of citizens rights to petition government?

Doing Business 06/01/06

Host: Jane Haskell

Topic: Made Maine-Marketing Maine Products

Guests: Denise Bryant, Patchwork Plus; Krystal Coombs, Derry Mountain Diversified; Jodi Clayton, One Lupine Fiber Arts; Elaine Scott, Marketing Director, DECD

Voices 05/31/06

Producer: Amy Browne

  • Carolyn Coe with a report on a Memorial Day observation in Blue Hill, Maine
  • Joel Mann interviews musician Don Campbell
  • Amy Browne interviews area residents who are sponsoring a visit by spiritual teacher Neelam
  • Tish Noyes interview Jim Harney about his presentation on Immigration and Globalization

WERU Special 5/30/06: Camden Conference

Producer: Jim Campbell

Most Americans have begun to pay attention to China only in the last decade as China has become an economic power in the world. But there are another 5000 years of Chinese history. At the 2006 Camden Conference, Prof. Michael Tsin took on the unenviable task of highlighting the events from that history that have brought China to its place in the world today – in one talk! 5000 years in 55 minutes – hold on!

Talk of the Towns 05/26/06

Topic: Maine Legislative Review 2006
What is the work of citizenship in following complex public issues
before the Legislature?
What were some of the highlights and disappointments of this past
legislative session?
What was some of the background to legislation under consideration,
including expanded internet access for rural residents, protection of
wetlands and vernal pools, incineration of demolition and construction
waste, restrictions in licenses for elver fishing, maintenance of roads
and bridges, reimbursements to hospitals for Medicare related expenses
and assurances that Maine people don’t loose benefits due to the
Medicare Part D federal legislation on pharmeceuticals.
Guests: Senator Dennis Damon (D), Trenton Senator Richard Rosen, (R) Bucksport
Representative Hannah Pingree, (D) North HavenRepresentative Ted Koffman (D) Bar Harbor
Hosts: Ron Beard Jill Goldthwait

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/25/06

This edition of the Electronic Cottage begins a series on keeping your
business in the digital realm your business and not the government’s or some
other busybody’s. We start by taking a look at the development of
cryptography, a way to hide or disguise messages so that only the intended
recipient can understand them. In these days of the surveillance society, a
little personal cryptography might not be a bad thing.

Voices 05/24/06

Alan Sprague interviews a veteran whose identity was stolen. He describes the nightmare that has become. Carolyn Coe returns from a visit to Chiapas Mexico with a report on indigenous rights efforts in that region. Carlos translates. Tina Antolini contributes a segment on a Maine community’s connection with a piece of Russian choral music. Magnus Johnstone on the upcoming anime film festival in Blue Hill Producer: Amy Browne