AIDS Radio Service 04/28/05

AIDS Radio Service – 04/28/05

Description: Hosted by Carolyn Horn. YOUTH: AIDS, HIV AND OTHER STDS
A frank and open discussion about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and how our youth might be putting themselves at risk, what can they do to minimize that risk and how the adults in their lives can help teens navigate more safely through their burgeoning sexuality. Guests: Phil Hansen, a volunteer advisor for Coastal Outright, a GLBTQ youth group, two youth members, Adam and Cassie, and David McDermitt and Dave Cross of Maine Youth Voices (207-626-3615).

RadioActive 04/28/05

RadioActive – 04/28/05

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Boattalk 04/12/05

Boattalk 04/21/2005

The naval duo Mike Joyce and Alan Sprague host this show, which covers local news about NLG terminals along the coast, 2 local fishermen drowned, Gouldsboro sardine cannery closing, and more. Local callers talk about lobster bating and trapping. A reading from Lauren Becall’s book By Myself and Then Some. Plus more!

Alternative Currents 04/01/05

Alternative Currents – 04/01/05

Description: Interview with former decorated Vietnam vet and now a Zen monk, Claude Anshin Thomas. He is the author of AT HELL’S GATE (A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace), a memoir of his service in war, subsequent emotional collapse, and healing jourrney through his encounter with Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh to his ultimate path of service in the Soto Zen tradition. More info