Voices 06/14/06

Producer: Amy Browne
Topics: Ron Beard interviews William Colby an expert in the field of end of life issues. He represented the family of Nancy Cruzan in the first right-to-die case heard by the U.S. Supreme court, and is the author of “Long Goodbye: The Deaths of Nancy Cruzan”, and more recently “Unplugged: Reclaiming Our Right to Die in America”.
Amy Browne interviews Joshua Raymond, organizer of the Black Maria Film Festival’s event at the Grand in Ellsworth, Maine

Boat Talk 06/13/06

Hosts: Alan Sprague and Mike Joyce
Topic: “Raw Faith”, cement boats
What about cement boats? Ever heard of a cattail boat? Is it fun to sail in the fog with a lot of barges around?
Guest: Captain Giffy Full
Call in show

Family Radio Forum 06/09/06

Host: Ron Beard
Topic: Sampling Summer Camps: Options for Families
Guests: Mark Hundhammer, Camp Beech Cliff, Mt Desert, Maine; Kyle Devaul, Summer Festival of the Arts, Southwest Harbor, Maine; Holley Mead, Sea Mark, Deer Isle, Maine; Shelby Howe, Schoodic Arts Festival, Gouldsboro-Winter Harbor, Maine; Karen Harney, Waldo County YMCA; Lawrence Hollins, Tanglewood Camp and 4-H Learning Center, Lincolnville and Tenant’s Harbor, Maine

What is distinctive about your summer program? How might a parent decide if your program is a good match for their child? What guides you as you develop your programs? In your experience, what is different about your summer camp compared to camps a generation ago? What outcomes are you proudest of? How have children grown as a result of your program? How do people contact you for information, including scholarships?

RadioActive 06/08/06

Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne
Guests: Attny’s Lynne Williams (pre-recorded interview), and Phil Worden (live) and activist Logan Perkins
Topic: “Green Scare”
What is “Green Scare”?
Why do civil liberties groups and activists see recent actions by law enforcement as an attempt to stifle dissent?
How does a law recently passed in Maine, and formerly known as the “Eco-terrorism”, bill further erode civil rights?

Writer’s Forum 06/08/06

Host: Dr. Betty Duff

Guests: Novelists Linda Tatelbaum and Donna Morrisey, poet Karin Spitfire

Topic: Prose, poetry, read by the authors and followed by discussion

Voices 06/07/06

Producer: Amy Browne
Resisting Atlantica: Activists in the Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada organizing together to protect human rights, local culture and the environment
Sunrise Herb farm: A business that has recently relocated to Maine
Carolyn Coe reports from the WarFlowers art exhibition opening in Blue Hill, Maine

Healthy Options 06/07/06

Host: Rhonda Feiman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Topic: Illness and Intuition: the brain and the mind/body connection
Guest: Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, noted neuropsychiatrist, scientist and medical intuitive. Dr. Schultz is the author of Awakening Intuition and the new Feminine Brain: How Women Can Develop Their Inner Strengths, Genius and Intuition

How are physical symptoms often an expression of, and signal of, some emotional imbalance?
How do our bodies signal imbalances in our lives?
How can attitudes and beliefs be changed in order to live balanced and healthy life?

WERU Special 06/05/06: Ray McGovern, Former CIA Agent

Producer: John Greenman

Ray McGovern is a former CIA analyst who used to brief President George
H.W. Bush on inlelligence matters.
For the last 3 years, since leaving the CIA in protest, he’s been
speaking “truth to power”, even confronting Donald Rumsfeld recently
about why he had lied to help get the US to invade Iraq.
McGovern spoke in Maine on May 26th, and here’s your chance to hear what he said.