Weekend Voices 10/14/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Marge May; Ousman(theme music)
Topics: School of the America’s watch Latin America Coordinator Lisa Sullivan talks about efforts to close the school that has also been called “School of the Assassins”; Marge May’s interview series with U.S. Senate Candidates from Maine continues, today they answer questions about the economy; Johnathan Leavitt of the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative talks about that new group’s plans to revise Maine’s marijuana laws.

Family Radio Forum 10/13/06

Producer/host: Ron Beard

Guests: Jane Freeman, Healthy Peninsula; Corinne Pert, Principal, Brooksville School; Bec Poole, Brooksville community member; Peter Sly, Brookin

Topic: Building a Healthy Community in Brooksville

What is Healthy Peninsula?; How does it relate to the state network?; How is it related to a vision of creating healthy communities?

RadioActive 10/12/06

Producers/hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

Topics: 2 more state governors have joined Maine’s Governor Baldacci to pool resources to combat the use of sweat shop labor in products purchased by state governments. We talk with Bjorn Skorpen-Clausen, Executive Director of Sweatfree Communities. And on this so-called “Columbus Day” activists in Bangor hold a talk called “Columbia: 500 years of Resistance” and reflect on that countries current crisis. Daphne Loring, one of the organizers of a Witness for Peace delegation that will be traveling to Columbia joins us to tell us more. And Susan Beebe of Camden, Maine calls in with news of yet another DOT road widening project that is threatening old trees– this time in Southern Maine

Writer’s Forum 10/12/06

Producers/hosts: Dr. Betty Duff and Joan Clemons

Guests: Gerald George, Grace Sheridan, Kelly Lombardi

Topic: Poetry by the Salt Coast Sages

Voices 10/11/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Dave Evans, Darwin Davidson, Ousman (theme music)
Dave Evans, host of Renewable Radio on WERU, reports on “MEEP”-the Maine Energy Education Program, and “Moonbeam”, a vehicle that gets 100 mpg
Darwin Davidson, host of Bronzewound on WERU, interviews Patty Casey of the Bluegrass Gospel Project

Boat Talk 10/10/06

Hosts: Mike Joyce and Alan Sprague
Guests: Buzz Pinkham — Pinkham’s Nursery and Greenhouse; Peter Neil–World Ocean Observatory
Topics: The Great Pumpkin Regatta ’06, Interview with guest Peter Neil
How do you make a boat out of an 800 lb. pumpkin? Issues affecting maritime museums and programs. What is the mission/focus of the World Ocean Observatory?

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