Boat Talk 10/10/06

Hosts: Mike Joyce and Alan Sprague
Guests: Buzz Pinkham — Pinkham’s Nursery and Greenhouse; Peter Neil–World Ocean Observatory
Topics: The Great Pumpkin Regatta ’06, Interview with guest Peter Neil
How do you make a boat out of an 800 lb. pumpkin? Issues affecting maritime museums and programs. What is the mission/focus of the World Ocean Observatory?

Call in show

Powerful Peace 10/09/06

Host: Sonia Turanski

Weekend Voices 10/07/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne Contributors: Anna Savage, Marge May Topics: Anna Savage of WERU Youth Radio reports back from the Peace Rally and March held in Bangor last weekend The keynote speech given by Doug Rawlings of Maine Veterans for Peace, at the rally (which drew an estimated crowd of 1,500) Music by local band Romulux Rex WERU reporter Marge May with part 1 of her series of interviews with U.S. Senate candidates from Maine

Renewable Radio 10/06/06

Host: Dave Evans

Topics: Solar electricity, solar hot water, compact fluorescent bulbs
What are health concerns for compact fluorescent light bulbs?
What pressure should a closed-system solar hot water collector show?
What are the components of a solar heating system?

Guest: Dave Coomer, Solarmarine

Call in show with several calls

RadioActive 10/05/06

Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco, joined today by WERU reporter Carolyn Coe
Carolyn Coe joined Mainers as they traveled to Washington, DC recently where they met up with others from around the country who are calling for the release of the “Cuban 5” political prisoners.

Who are the Cuban 5?
Why are they considered political prisoners?
What do the Mainers involved in this think about the case?

Doing Business 10/05/06

Host: Jane E Haskell, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Topic: Transforming How We Work with Money

Anne Eaton, owner, Balanced Books 1054 Cape Jellison RD, Stockton Springs ME 04981 207-67-4156;

Frank Lehman, owner, Peregrine Tax Services 117 High ST., Belfast ME 04915 207-338-0932, 207-338-3986 (fax);

What does ‘transforming how we work with money’ mean to you in your business?

How does transforming how you work with money manifest itself in your vision for your business?

Voices 10/04/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Cathy Melio, Denis Howard
Topics: Cathy Melio talks with two of the volunteers involved with producing the annual “Work of the Hand” craft show and sale in Rockport, Maine; Denis Howard talks with a visitor to WERU about her job in public radio in Sweden