Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/18/06

Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: In this edition we ruminate on the possible effects of recently revealed NSA domestic phone call monitoring and other government spying on our personal privacy, and what we might do to mitigate the effects of that apparently unlawful surveillance on our lives.

Voices 05/17/06

Producer: Amy Browne
Production assistance: John Greenman
Excerpts from a speech given by activist and author Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and Code Pink, at the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine’s general assembly meeting in Bangor Maine on May 11, 2006.

Common Health 05/17/06

Host: Jim Fisher
Topic: Underage Drinking and Drug Use
How big is this problem?
Health implications?
What programs do we have to help?

Guests: Attorney General Steven Rowe (by phone) and Michelle O’Meara, Coastal Hancock Healthy Communities
Call in show with several callers

Indigenous Voices 05/16/06

Hosts: Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco
Guests: John Banks, Director of Natural Resources Department at the Penobscot Nation; Scott Hall, Manager of Environmental Services for Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL); and Laura Rose Day, Director of the Penobscot River Restoration trust
Topic: The Penobscot River Restoration Project- Dam Removal
How will dam removal effect fish restoration in the Penobscot River?
How will dam removal effect tribal culture and fishing rights?
How can industry, state and federal agencies, environmental groups and private sector work effectively with tribes?

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/11/06

Notes from the Electronic Cottage, 5/11/06
Host: Jim Campbell
Topic: Yup, still more on personal privacy in the digital age. This time we look at some things we can do to reduce our vulnerability to unwanted intrusions and worse–in cyberspace.

Renewable Radio 05/05/06

Renewable Radio 5/5/06

Host: Dave Evans
Hour long live call in show
Guest: Noah Wentworth, Evergreen Building Collaborative
Topic: Green Building
What are some renewable insulation sources?
How do I choose windows?
What foundation options use fewer resources?

Family Radio Forum 5/12/06

Host: Ron Beard
Guests: Barbara Kates, Families and Children Together, (FACT), a Bangor, Maine non-profit; Jan Bisbee, also from FACT; Lorraine Haynes and Christine Lavoie, grandparents raising grandchildren; Dr. Joseph Crumbley, Family Therapist and co-author of “Kinship Care: Relatives Raising Children”
Topic: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
What are the trends leading to more grandparents raising grandchildren?
What challenges and rewards do “kinship” families face?
What are some resources that grandparents might turn to if they find themselves raising grandchildren?

RadioActive 05/11/06

Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco
Topics: Lawrence Reichard’s recorded interview with Burt Case, a reporter who witnessed the police opening fire on student protesters at Jackson State University in Mississippi in 1970
Amy Browne interviews Ilze Petersons about Medea Benjamin’s appearance in Bangor, Maine that evening