Voices 09/20/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne
A special baby shower that took place in Hancock, Maine on Sunday to welcome a baby and show support for the mother who survived a racist assault in Hancock on September 9th; A conversation about food sovereignty in Maine, with Rob Fish of GE(GeneticEngineering)Free Maine
Theme music: Ousman

Common Health 09/20/06

Host: Jim Fisher
Topic: Schools and Health
What are some of the big issues for health in schools?
What initiatives do we have in Maine to promote healthier schools?
How do we meet the needs of disabled students?
Guests: David Stockford, Policy Director, Maine Dept. of ED and Susan Berry, Health Educator, Bucksport
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Indigenous Voices 09/19/06

Hosts: Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco
In her own words: Jean Moore, Penobscot Tribal member and mother of the late John Stephen Moore talks about the mysterious circumstances surrounding her son’s death following the 1973 AIM (American Indian Movement) incident at Wounded Knee, South Dakota
Guests: Tim Love, Penobscot Tribal Member and former Tribal Governor and member of AIM; Jean Moore, Penobscot Tribal member

Some of AIMs history
The use of FBI infiltrators to discredit and crush the AIM movement
The ambiguous responsibility and knowledge of AIM and the FBI concerning John Moore’s death and the authorities lack of follow up

Powerful Peace 09/18/06

Host: Sonia Turanski

Highlighting empowering pieces of information, strategies, stories, and words of wisdom to help build a better tomorrow

What is Conflict? #1: Conflicts doesn’t have to be a collision, it can be an opportunity to dance

Weekend Voices 09/16/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne
Contributor: Meredith DeFrancesco
Topics: Upcoming local community big box forums; Alaska Wildlife refuge drilling- and how Maine’s congressional delegation has voted; Area peace activists and their on-going attempts to communicate with Senators Snowe and Collins about the war; A baby shower in Hancock to honor a mother who survived a recent racist attack
Music by Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman

RadioActive 09/14/06

Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne
Connie Jenkins joins us to talk about peace activists plans to mark international peace day in Bangor, and Heather Martin-Zboray tells about plans to show support to the survivor of a racial attack in Hancock, Maine

How will international peace day be observed in Bangor?
What is the pledge of peace?
What are area residents doing to show support for the woman who survived a racist attack in Hancock?