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Notes from the Electronic Cottage 07/13/06

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell
Topic: Congress is considering creating a database of all of the grants and contracts awarded by the federal government so that taxpayers can see what their taxes are paying for. Oh wait–no contracts because corporations objected? Okay, well, at least a database of grants-well, some grants. In that spirit, we look at a few recent examples of how taxpayer dollars are being spent, including a grant to figure out how to restrict taxpayer access to government information. Consistency-what consistency?

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 07/06/06

Producer and host: Jim Campbell

Topic: If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Sorting Hat. Now there is a Sorting Door project, only this one doesn’t tell you which house at Hogwart’s you should join. Instead, it speculates on how our lives will change when RFID chips are everywhere, and the information they provide can be joined together in huge databases. And just to show that technology ain’t all bad, we also look at electronic book readers, which are getting better than you think.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 06/22/06

Host: Jim Campbell
“It’s summer but Washington is still buzzin’. In this edition, we take a
look at a few recent actions of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial
branches of the federal government that will affect our lives in the
electronic (and every other) realm, and, in the eyes of many, not in a
particularly positive way.”

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 06/15/06

It’s pretty neat when you can find out where you are by consulting the satellite stars. GPS technology is really great when you need to find out where you are in your car, and get directions to where you’re going. But it might not be so great when others want to find out where you are, how fast you were driving, or, using a different technology, just what you’re listening to on your car radio. All of that is possible today. Be advised.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/25/06

This edition of the Electronic Cottage begins a series on keeping your
business in the digital realm your business and not the government’s or some
other busybody’s. We start by taking a look at the development of
cryptography, a way to hide or disguise messages so that only the intended
recipient can understand them. In these days of the surveillance society, a
little personal cryptography might not be a bad thing.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/18/06

Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: In this edition we ruminate on the possible effects of recently revealed NSA domestic phone call monitoring and other government spying on our personal privacy, and what we might do to mitigate the effects of that apparently unlawful surveillance on our lives.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/11/06

Notes from the Electronic Cottage, 5/11/06
Host: Jim Campbell
Topic: Yup, still more on personal privacy in the digital age. This time we look at some things we can do to reduce our vulnerability to unwanted intrusions and worse–in cyberspace.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 05/04/06

Power suits, power lunches, power diets ­ all swell if you are of a certain frame of mind. But how about power protection for your valuable electronic gear! That’s real power – and the topic on this edition of Notes From the Electronic Cottage.