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Indigenous Voices 04/18/06

Indigenous Voices is a monthly talk show discussing topics affecting the native people of Maine and beyond, with Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco.

An interview with Keller George, member of the Onieda tribe and president of the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) discussing native issues at the national level. And an interview with Penobscot Chief Jim Sappier on USET and its impact on Maines tribes.

Indigenous Voices 03/21/06

Penobscot history spanning from how native history is currently taught, to the status of language revitalization movements. Guests: Bonnie Newsom, Director of the Penobscot Nation Cultural and Historic Preservation Department, and James Eric Francis, Penobscot Nation Tribal Historian

Hosted by Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco

Aired 03/21/06