Common Ground Radio 5/6/11

Producers/Hosts: Cheryl Wixson, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Topic: Public Policy

How does the public (consumer) participate in the process? What can citizens do to protect themselves from toxics? What is the civics process of bills in the legislature?

Andy O’Brien, State Representative, District 44; Jim Gerritson, Wood Prairie Farm, Bridgewater; Heather Spaulding, Associate Director, MOFGA

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Common Ground Radio 1/7/11

Producers/Hosts: MOFGA Staff Melissa White Pillsbury, Cheryl Wixson and Russell Libby
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Farmer’s Markets in Maine

How are farmer’s markets addressing transportation issues? What is the role of farmer’s markets in the community? How to improve roads?

Tom Roberts, Snakeroot Farm, Pittsfield, Maine
Mark Guzzi, Peacemeal Farm, Dixmont, Maine, [email protected]

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