Women’s Windows Interview: Vagina Monologues 3/15/09

Host: Magdalen
Guest: Nicolette Yerxa: organizer, director, actor for the production

Topical summary: Vagina Monologues and VDAY project history; the problem of domestic violence in Maine; organizations in Maine that aid victims of DV and strive to end DV; new monologues in VM; details of the upcoming performance, March 20th and 21st at 7p.m. and March 22nd, at 2p.m., at the Maine Grind, 192 Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine. Tickets are available at the Grasshopper Shop and at the door. WERU is a co-sponsor. For more information: www.nextstepdvproject.org or WERU (207)-469-6600

Please join WERU in our support for The Next Step Domestic Violence Project, for Downeast Sexual Assault Services, and for women all over the world who have experienced violence.

The Vagina Monologues is a collection of pieces on a particular topic performed by an all-female cast. It is very funny at times, very explicit at others, but it is always powerful. Performances are organized yearly by women all over the world in order to raise money and awareness in their own towns.

Each year the author, Eve Ensler, chooses a place in the world or a population of women who need help and need to be heard. This year the spotlight is on the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over 300,000 women and girls in the DRC have been tortured or raped as a systematic tactic of war. Ninety percent of the money earned through this performance will go directly to local organizations and 10 percent will go to the national V-Day organization for the work they are doing in the DRC.

The Next Step Domestic Violence Project and Downeast Sexual Assault Services serve both Washington and Hancock Counties in their work to end violence against women and girls. Women from both counties have worked together on this project to support vital services for those who need them in their own communities.