Wabanaki Windows 6/25/24: HIDDEN ELEMENTS – Interview with Author Rebecca Clarren about her book “The Cost of Stolen Land: Jews, Lakota, And An American Inheritance.”

Producer/Host: Donna Loring
Other credits: Technical assistance for the show was provided by Joel Mann of WERU, and Jessica Lockhart of WMPG.
Music by Ralph Richter, a track called little eagles from his CD Dream Walk.

Wabanaki Windows is a monthly show featuring topics of interest from a Wabanaki perspective.

This month: Land deposition west of the Mississippi and how Jewish settlers came to the US and got ‘free land’. The determination by Author Rebecca Clarren to research her families free land and the wealth the land brought to her relatives and how she addressed the her findings and solutions she and her family are implementing.

“The Cost of Stolen Land” investigates how 20th-century federal policies that gave her ancestors – Jews fleeing oppression in Russia – free land on the South Dakota prairie and a pathway to the middle class, came at great cost to their Lakota neighbors. The book not only retells this entangled history but grapples with what can be done to reconcile the past.

Rebecca Clarren
, author of “The Cost of Stolen Land: Jews, Lakota, And An American Inheritance.”

Professor Harald Prins is a Native of the Netherlands is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and an Emertus at Kansas State University.

Prof Darren Ranco, a member of the Penobscot Nation and Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Native American Studies at the University of Maine.


About the host:
Donna M Loring is a Penobscot Indian Nation Tribal Elder, and former Council Member. She represented the Penobscot Nation in the State Legislature for over a decade. She is a former Senior Advisor on Tribal Affairs to Governor Mills. She is the author of “In The Shadow of The Eagle A Tribal Representative In Maine”. Donna has an Annual lecture series in her name at the University of New England that addresses Social Justice and Human Rights issues. In 2017 She received an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Humane Letters from the University of Maine Orono and was given the Alumni Service Award. It is the most prestigious recognition given by the University of Maine Alumni Association. It is presented Annually to a University of Maine graduate whose life’s work is marked by outstanding achievements in professional, business, civic and/or Public service areas. Donna received a second Honorary Doctorate from Thomas College in May of 2022