Wabanaki Windows 12/20/11

Broadcast Time: 10:00AM

Program Topic: Peace and reconciliation between Maine Native People and the European Invaders
Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
a) History Reading Group’s writings and lessons learned
b) Dramatic Readings
c) White Privilege

Guests by name and affiliation:
A) Christina Baker, Senior College Instructor, former Maine State Legislator
B) Anne Stebbins Funderburk/ Baskets
C) Bettye Worcester/ Portage
D) BarbaraMcLeod/ My Portage
E) Judy DeLongTraveling Light
F) Bill and Sue Clark/ Red Girl’s Reasoning
G) Anne Stebbins Funderburk/ White Privilege
H) Debby Messer/ Contemporary Issues
I) Paul Frost/ Dual Words

Unpacking the Knapsack of White Privilege by Peggy McIntosh (on the internet)
Indian Country Today a Native American News Paper updated daily on the internet
Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Louwen
The Peoples History of The US by Howard Zinn
Women of the Dawn by Bunny McBride
Out of the Depth by Isabelle Knockwood
Invisible (video) available at the Penobscot Nation Cultural Center on the internet
Voice of the Turtle:American Indian Literature, 1900-1970 ed. By Paula Gunn Allen, Ballentine Books, 1994

Contact for the group Portagers: [email protected]

Call In Program: No
Political Broadcast: No
Host: Donna Loring
Engineer: Joel Mann