The Nature of Phenology 10/30/21: Witch’s Butter

Producers: Hazel Stark & Joe Horn
Host: Hazel Stark

Sometimes called yellow brain or trembler, this jelly fungus most often called witch’s butter is springy but not sticky to the touch, though it can feel somewhat slimy when wet. Its Latin name literally means “trembling middle intestine.”

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Hazel Stark lives in Gouldsboro, is Co-Founder and Naturalist Educator at Maine Outdoor School, L3C, and is a Registered Maine Guide. She loves taking a closer look at nature through the lens of her camera, napping in beds of moss, and taking hikes to high points to see what being tall is all about. She has an MS in Resource Management and Conservation and is a lifelong Maine outdoorswoman. Hazel can be reached by emailing [email protected]