The Technoptimist Show 8/4/21: Artificial Heart Made With Magnets

Join Teresa Carey as she breaks down the latest news on the technology that is solving the world’s biggest problems. In today’s show, Teresa covers an artificial heart made with magnets, the first lab-grown coral, and an anti-aging pill.

To learn more about the topics:
The world’s first lab-grown coral could help save the ocean reefs
This artificial heart uses magnets and spinning disks to reinvent the heart
Is the US military testing an anti-aging pill?
Wearable robotic suits could be coming to a store near you
An AI co-pilots a military jet for the first time

About the host:
Teresa Carey is a senior staff writer at, where she covers genetics and the environment. She is also a US Coast Guard licensed captain and a NatGeo Explorer. In addition to Freethink her work can be found in BuzzFeed, Scientific American, PBS NewsHour, NPR Weekend Edition, Smithsonian and more. @teresa_carey