Talk of the Towns 11/8/19- Art Amazes, Craft Satisfies: Early History of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Producer/Host: Ron Beard
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Key Discussion Points:

What were some of the larger conversations in the world of art and craft that gave rise to Haystack? Art vs. Craft, Cranbrook, the Bauhas, Black Mountain, other antecedents?

What was the enduring philosophy that undergirds Haystack from creation to present?

Who were the principle “forces” of what became Haystack (Francis and Priscilla Merritt, Mary Bishop, Marni Sewell, Estelle and William Shevis) and how did they shape it?

What led to the original location of Haystack in Liberty Maine?

What were the first summer sessions like… what was taught? Was there an underlying philosophy to the teaching and learning?

What was the arc of the story of Haystack in Liberty? What were the main points of success? Where was there tension (e.g. summer vs year-round)? What issues did the trustees wrestle with?

What led to the relocation of Haystack from Liberty to Deer Isle?

What was the process of designing the new campus at Sunshine?
Ed Barnes and Fran Merritt, with construction by Basil Bray

Alana VanderWerker, Waldoboro, ME artist, author Haystack at Liberty, 2019