Talk of the Towns 9/13/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

Program Topic: Saving Special Community Spaces

Key Discussion Points:
a) What motivates people to save special places (land, buildings, scenic views, trails) in their communities?
b)What benefits stem from “place saving” efforts and campaigns, including the obvious benefit from saving the “place”?
c)All such place saving efforts have differences, but what are the common elements to a successful effort?
d)Who can help with these sorts of efforts, and what kinds of criteria do they ‘apply’? What motivates people to get involved with “place saving”?
e) Are there any trends you see, as communities identify and act to protect or save special places? What are the challenges, and what gives you hope?

A)Jim Dow, Executive Director, Blue Hill Heritage Trust
B)Tom Boutureira, Downeast Coastal Conservancy
C)Dylan Howard, Caterpillar Hill Initiative
D)Mary Laury, Schoodic Arts for All