Talk of the Towns 8/23/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Maine as Muse: Inspiration for Science Writers

Key Discussion Points:
a) In response to questions from Ron, each guest shares some background about their work and their writing… then each shares a published piece (saving the second piece to close to the end of the show) and shares “lightly”, any context and source of inspiration for this piece…
b) After this first go-round, we have a broader conversation about Maine as a source of inspiration for you and other writers (feel free here, to turn listeners on to those you admire)…
c) Does Maine have a distinct “sense of place” in terms of science and how would you describe its essence… (e.g. coastal or Gulf of Maine bio-regions , edge between northern clime/ecology/species and what lies to our south, edge between fresh and salt water ecology…) Is Maine a good place to be a science writer (aside from serving as source of inspiration)?
d)Move towards conclusion with the second round of readings, and depending on time available, share any public events, publications you will be involved in later in late summer/ fall.
e) What other science writers inspire you and why?
f) Where do you see science “heading” in Maine… trends, potential breakthroughs?

A) Catherine Schmitt, Science writer, UM Sea Grant, author of The Coastal Companion, published by Tilbury House, 2008
B) Tom Groening, editor, Working Waterfront News, Island Institute, formerly with the Republican Journal and Bangor Daily News
C) Murray Carpenter, Freelance Journalist, NPR, New York Times Author of forthcoming book, Caffeinated, How our daily habit helps, hurts and hooks us, Hudson Street Press, due out in March of 2014