Talk of the Towns 4/12/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities
Program Topic: Sowing seeds of hope—the work of International Partners in Mission

Key Discussion Points:
a) Joe provides overview of organizational mission and current programs, using short stories to illustrate how guiding principles are alive in IPM programs and day to day work:
Shared Partnership Global Awareness Personalization Facilitation
b) What was your own path into this work and what attracted you to IPM?
The founders, and others who have gone before, based IPM on connection between their own faith and good work in the world… currently you seem to be honoring that foundation, but building on it… tell us more…
c) Erika Murcia
What is your own background and what led to your current work with IPM?
What are some of the programs you coordinate and what issues are they working on?
What do north Americans most need to know about the lives of children, women and youth in those areas where IPM has partnerships…?
What new areas (either of promise or gravity) are emerging…
d) Jan Moore to describe her IPM immersion experience in Kenya… where she went, what motivated her, what she took from the experience and how it changed her view of the world…
e) Mahesh Upaddhyaya
You were recently in our part of the world, speaking… what were your impressions?
As you spoke to audiences here, what seemed to resonate most?
Your work in south Asia spans many geographies and cultures… what are some of the common realities for children, women and youth across the region?
Are there particular programs that you would like to highlight?
f) What trends are emerging that both support and challenge IPM approach?
Wrap up with hopes for the future and contact information for listeners

A) Joe Cistone, Executive Director, International Partners in Mission
B) Erika Murcia, IPM Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
C) Mahesh Upaddhyaya, IPM Regional Director, South Asia
D) Jan Moore, Northeast Harbor, participant in IPM immersion experience
E) Sarah Govan, IPM Outreach Coordinator, Bar Harbor

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