Talk of the Towns 3/8/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Community concerns and opportunities
Program Topic: Programs and Partners of Maine Folklife Center
Key Discussion Points:
a) Thumbnail sketch of Maine Folklife Center — what does it do, how did it come to be, Sandy Ives role?
b)Current description of your collections / archives:
How are they organized and curated?
How are you building them (active and passive)?
How is it being preserved (digitizing with Library of Congress)
Use of Digital Commons to share
How do people use it?
c)The role of monographs (Northeast Folklore) (past, present, future?)
Who writes them, who reads them, array of topics and people written about?
d) Examples of current projects and partnerships
e) Introduce Maine Folklife Center role in American Folk Festival, and Heather McCarthy…
Heather to describe the folk festival, its role in engaging artists and participants in celebrating folk music, arts, etc. Also what are plans for 2013; how can people get involved; significance of partnership with Maine Folklife Center
f) Sandy Ives role as founder, song and story collector, archivist, champion of folk lore
(perhaps share snippets of his recordings, interviews, songs)
How are you honoring his life and contributions to the field? (endowment)
g)What are your hopes/plans for the future (strategic plan)? How can listeners get involved in Maine Folklife Center?

A) Pauleena McDougal, Director, Maine Folklife Center
B) Katerina (Katie) Wynn, Archives Manager, Maine Folklife Center
C) Heather McCarthy, American Folk Festival (phone)

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