Talk of the Towns 1/25/13

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Co Housing Alive and Well in Maine
Key Discussion Points:
1. What is the concept of co-housing?
2. What motivated you and others to create this option for folks in the Belfast area?
3. How would you describe your mission and long term vision?
4. What were some of the high points and challenges over the last 5 years?
5. Where are you now? What would we see if we drove on to the site? (housing, amenities, agriculture, woodlands)
6. Introduce us to the community of residents in general, and then the guests you have brought along.
7. What attracted you most about co-housing and the ecovillage in particular?
8. What are the highlights of living in this community, for you and your families?
9. What was the process like for you as a homeowner/community member (describe the process/path that led you to where you are?
10. Alyne Cistone—what led you to take on the role of Executive Director of Island Housing Trust? what do you understand about the history and mission of Island Housing Trust?
a.What tools do you use to try to create affordable community workforce housing?
b. (including affordability covenants)
c. What is the history of the Ripples Hill Project and where are you now?
11. Annika—what attracted you and your family to Ripples co-housing project?
a. What was the process like to get to your home?
b. What do you and your family value most about living there?
12. Wrap-up For Sanna– What lessons have you learned from helping to birth and nurture the Belfast Co-Housing and Ecovillage? Advice for other communities/organizers?
13. Resources, including your website….What are your hopes for the future?

A) Sanna McKim, Belfast Cohousing and Ecovillage
B)Nessa Dertnig, Resident, Belfast Cohousing and Ecovillage
C) Jon Ippolito, Resident, Belfast Cohousing and Ecovillage
D) Alyne Cistone, Island Housing Trust
E) Annika, resident Ripples Hill co housing project, Mt Desert