Talk of the Towns 9/11/09

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Topic: Acadia—one of America’s best ideas

Guests: Sheridan Steele, Superintendent, Acadia National Park, Deb Wade, Chief Interpreter, Acadia National Park, Marla O’Byrne, Friends of Acadia

If, as Ken Burn’s new television series asserts, national parks are America’s best idea, then surely Acadia is a best example of that best idea… give us a sense of Acadia’s history, including the role of early philanthropists who recognized the special qualities of place.

What are among Acadia’s most important assets? What does Acadia share with other national parks, and what makes it stand out in your minds? What are some of the challenges in protecting Acadia’s natural resources?